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Hey all. I have to say, this message board has been so useful and helpful so thanks to all that contribute. So, my son is 2021 RHP.  He is playing in the 16U WWBA Championship and was just invited by his program to participate in the 17U WWBA tourney the week following. That means two weeks in Georgia, two weeks of hotel rooms and, to boot, my son is a PO so there will be a lot of downtime. That's a lot of time and money. My son is pumped. Under normal circumstances, I would be thrilled too at this amount of exposure. My concern is given the circumstances is are two weeks worth it? What is everyone hearing about PG's efforts to promote kids in these tourneys if coaches can't attend? I know DII and DIII coaches can attend PG events, for now, but I've also heard rumblings they might get banned by their schools also. We're attending a smaller tournament this upcoming weekend and they're live-streaming with four different HD cameras to about 150 colleges. Granted, it's on one field and I know PG has many fields and many teams. I'm trying to gauge the value of two weeks at WWBA given these circumstances, other than playing against great competition (which is huge, I know) and having a few extra shots to hit velo PRs across the two events. My kid isn't a blue-chipper; if he hits his ceiling he's a lower level DI kid, but I think he's best positioned for HA DIII. He can really pitch, but doesn't throw 90. I'm constantly stunned by the level of pitching talent out there. My son is so far advanced at this age  compared to where I was and throwing harder than I did and I played at a mid-major DI school in the early 90s. Times have changed in a big way. I want to give him every opportunity to show up and be seen, and I'm grateful we can do this for him, but I also want to be smart about it. Thoughts?  

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Last year my son (2020) attended the 17U and 16U WWBA. 17U was first. He was also a PO. Personally, given the way things are right now I wouldn't do it. Is he in touch with any schools that have said they'll be watching the streamed games? During the best of times going to these events without a plan and contact with coaches is almost useless.

We also paid a lot of attention to staying with his routine. So besides pitching he wasn't spending two ditching his nutrition, lifting, and recovery.

Personally, I wouldn't go to either given the circumstances. If it's something you want to do I would suggest going for week 1 and staying for the first game or two the second week and leave after he pitches. Are you going to pay for 14 nights in a hotel and eating out for max 4 outings? Do you plan or driving or flying? I get that some teams want POs there for the whole tournament, but given the current situation I'm sure a coach wouldn't mind giving a pass.

Mine went as a PO, we made a deep run to the Quarterfinals. Even though we went 10-1 or whatever it was I still felt as if I was doing nothing but wasting money on his off days. When it is time for the youngest to go, and if he is a PO at that point, we would definitely do the 3-4 days, 2 outings and head home. 8 nights + food + gas + rent a car is a lot for the average person. 

As crazy as it sounds, flights are so cheap right now it might be better to take two trips in the same week with 1-2 night stays each. 

It really depends on your situation and your child.  If he is an Power 5 prospect and/or  wants to go play at an out of state school etc, then it may be worth the trip.  Our personal situation was that due to academics, financial etc, we were going to go to college at an  in- state college (GA). We had several offers to play tournaments in Arizona, Omaha and others.  My standard answer was if you want him to go he would love to. But there are no coaches that will see him in Arizona, that are in- state schools, that can't see him locally.  Therefore, there is no benefit to him so I wont be paying.  Now he did go on some good trips, and we did spend money, but only for the experience. Not for exposure.  You have to figure out the benefits and costs and each family is different.  Good Luck

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I'd choose one or the other...

Depending on where he is in the recruiting process, seems like 17U might be more beneficial. And, too, if he's progressed enough to compete with that age level.  Ask Coach if he can nail down a day or 2 or 3 there a point in hanging around to "watch"?   Weigh ROI, ie, 2 games in 3 days is much less expensive & serves the purpose... than 10-12 days of cheerleading...


Wow, tough call.   My son did the two weeks @WWBA (16U team won it in 2008), and it did get him eventual exposure, offers and a chance to meet a D1 HA coach who would change my son's recruiting approach & perspective to a more academic focus.  But that was 10 years ago when the recruiting rules were looser, different, and most of all there was no-Covid-19 limitations to see a recruit in person.

Given the information you shared, I'd probably save that money and put it toward a high academic showcase where the coaches are more likely looking for a combination academic & athletic  talent like your son.   You can always fish in the ocean where you never know if you'll catch anything, or fish in a lake where you know exactly what you're likely to catch.


Yes, 2021. He is age eligible for 16U and his 16U team is a mix of 2021s and younger players. 17U team is super stacked with upper tier, already committed DI pitchers. We chose to stick with the 16U team because of the quality of the program, the connections it has and he'd get significant innings with the possibility of pitching for 17U. It's the right move for my son. Had a long discussion with the GM and felt fine keeping him at 16U given all the other positives the program offers.  Colleges are looking at all age groups all the time, and given he's likely to be a High Academic kid that will possibly get offered late in the game, I think we're fine. Good question, though.

Colleges are looking at all age groups all the time, and given he's likely to be a High Academic kid that will possibly get offered late in the game, I think we're fine. Good question, though.

If this is the case I would probably skip the event altogether. That tournament is designed for that loaded 17u team you referenced. The HA D1s won't be in attendance. The HA D3s rarely go down to begin with in a normal year, they would most likely skip the 16u event altogether.  

This is what I was thinking, that D3s won't be at 16U, and unlikely at 17U, unless they are local.  If there are some schools of particular interest, you could always write to them and ask if they will be at one of them, and if so, which one?  This is your summer for HA D3s, so you need to know how to get in front of them.  The best way is to ask them.

Having said that, the competition at WWBA is fun.

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