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Originally posted by PGStaff:
In some ways I have to agree with "itsinthegame". And I sure do think the advice in his last post is great. Much better than his earlier post saying to go play volleyball or ping pong (LOL) if you get a bad ranking.


I did not say that you should go "play volleyball or ping pong if you get a bad ranking." That is a GROSS distortion of my post.

The last thing I need here is to have you guys hacking at me too. LOL.

So much for this topic.
After reading this thread again - I think my last post was way too short LOL - and hopefully this will help explain my perspective more clearly.

The point I was attempting (poorly) to make was simply this:

A player needs to be in top shape when he attends premier events - such as PG's events. If a player is not in top shape and/or if a player gets a rating that he doesnt agree with - I would recommend that the player look at his own preparedness and relative skills.
I would not recommend that the player blame the rating organization or the "system". I also think that players today should be grateful that they have this type of service available to them.

I can understand why PG may get a bit touchy whenever this subject comes up. It is a very difficult endeavor IMO to rank players - and they do a remarkable (and IMO very accurate) job. I guess they also get a fair amount of criticism as well.

After having paid very close attention to this subject in NY State the last few years - and PG's continuing development of the rating system - my advice to the kids and the parents remains the same as in my first post.

Prepare yourself well, look at yourself objectively if you are not pleased with your results and dont blame a poor rating on others.
Just work hard to get better.

If you arent ready to do these things - then yes -ping pong may be the game for you. LOL

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Obviously it helps when we see a player at our events, but it is not neccessary in order to get ranked.

A large number of the very best players do attend PG events. (34 1st rounders and close to 800 draft picks over the last two years) That may make it look like a player has to attend. Many are ranked before they ever attend PG events. Obviously we try to get those prospects to our stuff.

All that's required to make the list is to be very talented and that we see that somewhere.
I am thinking about sending my son to your showcase in Nyack in Dec. He is a pitcher.. what do pitchers do at your showcases? Also, how many and what college coachs and scouts attend your showcases? Are there DII coaches there? My son is a good player and was choosen 1ST team Section 9 and 3RD team all state as a junior last year so I have to get him in "The Rankings" I guess.
The event in Nyack is a first for us. It's an indoor ID camp for the purpose of identifying talented players. It's real hard to predict the number of people who will be there.

I'm confused with your question about what pitchers do. If you want to know, how much they pitch: They warm up and then throw enough for us to see everything we need to see in order to grade them.

As I mentioned, I'm not sure how many scouts or college coaches will be at Nyack next month as it is an ID camp. If your question is how many attend other PG events, the answer is most all of the DI schools, top JC's and many of the others in all divisions. Nearly every full time scout in America has been to our events including the Scouting Directors and many GM's.

I understand your statement "I have to get him in "The Rankings".

However, it will be "his ability" getting himself into the rankings.

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