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Originally posted by J.Weaver #5:
I was not committed to another school before I decided to come to Heartland. I actually committed fairly early, I believe in September/October.

J. Weaver 5

Great meeting you this past week. Heartland CC has a boat load of talent.

You guys are all very professional and will do excellent + you could not ask for a better school/programm and coaching staff at Heartland.

Metz and his staff do a great job on and off the field.

Can't wait for the new stadium next year.

Say "HEY" to all the players for me, especially Iggy and Aggy. See you guys very soon.

Good luck.....
Tony Schaeffer (Carlyle) LHP/OF verbal to SIU-Edwardsville

Originally posted by fastball09:
Originally posted by gitnby:
Originally posted by fastball09:
Joel Greatting (Columbia HS INF-RHP) has made the 2nd committment to SIU-Edwardsville!

Who was the first?

The first was Brooks McDowell (Libertyville HS RHP).
Iowa won that game 9-6. Iowa played almost their entire roster, the box score is on the UI website. Iowa Central used 3 pitchers, UI used 10. Iowa Central used only 2 subs in the field. Looks like iowa Cent played to win and UI played it for what it was, an exhibition game. Let's not get too carried away with the JUCO love.
looking at how they use subs is not a way to tell who was playing to win and who wasn't. That's the one thing a D1 has over a juco, they have alot more depth. I'd say there's plenty of juco's that can compete with D1 teams, their top 12 guys are very comparable. You sure they only played one game? I know what's actually posted but just like everything they don't always post negative things. Just wondering.

Not saying juco's are better just saying they aren't greatly inferior like earlier mentioned on here. I know you guys have kids on Iowa so to even mention that they might lose to a juco or a juco played them tough your probably taking great offense to it. Just saying juco's can and are tough and not a step down like many believe.
Firth (Stevenson RHP) Clemson
Sorkin (Stevenson RHP) Illinois St.
Robin (Stevenson LHP) Ohio
Kennedy (Warren LHP) Jacksonville
Barton (Libertyville RHP) Eastern Illinois
McDowell (Libertyville RHP) SIU-Edwardsville

Lahrman (Wauconda RHP) Dayton

That is 7 pitchers from the NSC that have made verbals to D-1 teams. 5 out of 7 of those guys are on Libertyville or Stevenson. The NSC is one of the best conference in the state this year. You got Warren, Libertyville, and Stevenson all looking loaded. You also have a solid Lake Forest team and a always good Mundelien team. Zion isn't a gimme this year with two solid arms as well.
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Dan Rowe committed to Eastern Illinois. This is a kid that didn't play his junior year because he was behind a senior. This is a kid that still found a way to get noticed, probably at summer state when PR was advancing. I think this is a good example of if your good they will find you.

I see a ton of kids that want to play Varsity as sophmore's and try to get the Varsity coach to guarantee their son plays Varsity and if he isn't going to they threaten to transfer. Hats off to this kid who waited his turn, learned from a senior who was good, and let his talent find him a spot to a good school. Congrats.

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