A new University of Tampa draft record - 7 drafted so far.

The UT coaches really have a great rapport with the scouts. The best quote from the linked article that reflects their passion:

"Wednesday will consist of 31 through 50 as head coach Joe Urso aims to get more players selected."

Tampa Sets School Record In Draft

Congrats to the 7 players picked so far, they all worked very hard.
Draft day always brings back alot of memories.
Congratulations to all of the players and their families.
A special congrats to Preston Claiborne. What he has accomplished (losing a parent while in college and remaining focused to reach the next step) is just amazing.

A big day for two athletes at McKinney High School just north of Dallas. RHP Zach Lee was the overall 28th pick (L.A. Dodgers) and SS Matt Lipka was the the 35th pick (Atlanta Braves). Lee also is the school's QB and has signed as a 2-sport player for LSU. Lipka was a wide receiver at McKinney HS and has signed to play baseball for Alabama. Two first-rounders at one high school -- pretty amazing!
Great news, congrats to all those drafted and their families!

It might begin to seem almost commonplace here, but it's not. Out of millions of little boys who start out dreaming of this day and beyond, very, very few eventually get to hear their names called.

Congrats, and enjoy it!

Congratulations to all who were picked to day -

BUT A SPECIAL congratualtions to three Fresno City College players my son has played with:
Dave Rohm - 9th round - Braves - have played with Dave's family since 7th grade. He is a great guy with a wonderful attitude and big, big heart. Overcame a rough freshman redshirt year with CSUFresno - came to FCC and batted over .500. Love this kid!!
Brandon King - 16th round - Orioles - played with him a long time too - phenominal hitter
Brandon Henderson - 27th round - Twins - played just two years at FCC with him - FAST as the wind and a good buddy with my son.
Congratulations boys! We are very proud of you!!!
Originally posted by ClevelandDad:
Originally posted by CADad:
CollegeParent may have to change ID's.

Can you guys post the details?

One of the fun things about the HSbaseballweb is looking at the clues left by posters then trying to figure out: what school and who they or their kid is. The history of most of the HSbaseballweb kids is weaved throughout various posts easily viewed in their posting history.

I prefer to not have my son's name posted for many different reasons over the years, however he is known to several members who I've traded PMs with.

The short story is: Big West school for 2.5 years (35 ABs), So Cal JC .5 years (lots of ABs), ACC school for 2 years (even more abs).

The area scout mentioned that one of their west coast scouts remembered him well from a predraft workout two years ago. Evidently he hit some guys house several times and the homeowner complained to this particular scout about it. Kind of funny.
Originally posted by ClevelandDad:
Wooo Hoooo - great news to report!!!!!!!!

baseballmom's son Preston Claiborne from Tulane was drafted by the Yankees in the 17th round.

The Angels in heaven are smiling angel

And from TPM:

Draft day always brings back alot of memories.
Congratulations to all of the players and their families.
A special congrats to Preston Claiborne. What he has accomplished (losing a parent while in college and remaining focused to reach the next step) is just amazing.

Thank you so much ClevelandDad & TPM! His sister & I are so proud. The "college experience" wasn't "typical" for our family. In addition to his dad, we lost his grandmother & aunt within 17 months, and my aunt & a cousin this Spring, just a few days-weeks before Graduation on May 20. But...God has blessed Preston so fully! He's on his way!
May all our youngmen enjoy their successes & continue "living the DREAM!"

Thanks for everything this site has done for so many of us through the years to help us, help our sons reach their goals.

My son Justin, was drafted tonight by the Tampa Bay Rays, 31st pick in the 1st round. A dream come true for all of us...

Randy O'Conner

The Rays must have been working the Pacific Northwest very hard for the past few years. They also drafted Washington's Top three prospects: Josh Sale 17th (Seattle, Wa), Drew Vettleson comp round A (Kitsap, Wa), and a kid from my neighborhood Ryan Brett 98th (Burien, Wa).

Congratulations and enjoy the glow.

I too would like to congratulate the players who were drafted and their families.
But, I sure don't want to stop there.
What happened over the past 3 days is a mysterious process for sure. Transparency is not the catch word by any means.
Some terrific players did not have their names called.
Some terrific players had their names called.. but much later than they hoped or expected.
Some terrific players will have extremely hard choices to make about signing for a very small bonus vs. returning to college where they will be challenged for playing time as a senior.
To each and every one of these players and their families, let me say
These are all skilled and talented. What happened over 50 rounds does not change their skill or talent.
I really have learned to enjoy this three day period every year. It's fun to share the excitement with parents we know whose sons get their number called.

Like Infielddad says, of course, there are lots of very good ballplayers who don't hear their names. There's plenty of disappointment in these days for lots of families - I have been quite close to a couple of them who believed they got the call on the wrong day of the draft.

But I really do love each year when I get another crop of HSBBW sons to follow in the minors. It's one of the best things about baseball.
But I really do love each year when I get another crop of HSBBW sons to follow in the minors. It's one of the best things about baseball.

Rob, I could not agree with you more.
Beginning in about 10 days, there are folks in Auburn, NY, Salem, Oregon, Billings, MT., Ogden, Utah, Helena Mt., Staten Island, Aberdeen, Md. and many other places who are looking forward to the annual right of getting the first looks as Short Season begins.
With that said, I also appreciate there are a group who were drafted in prior years and for whom the level of competition for their future in baseball edged up a bit with this draft being completed.
Whichever way I look at it, it is one of the best things about baseball.
Originally posted by AreWeHavingFun:
Congratulations to all those who were drafted.
We were one of those families who were disappointed their son's name wasn't called. I guess this whole process has prepared us for what to expect after he completes his 3 years of college!

3 years of college?
While I don’t post much anymore, one of the best parts of my day is checking in on the HSBBW to read about our baseball family’s son’s accomplishments (youth, high school, college or pro). So with all this good news it has been a very good day indeed!

Congratulations to all the players and their family’s... whether drafted in the 1st or 50th round I hope each of you take the time to cherish this great accomplishment and celebrate it to the fullest. No matter what happens from here on these boys can say they were chosen to be a professional ballplayer, how cool is that!

Does it get any better?
Assuming he'll be drafted and sign after junior year of college. Wink

Of course! We wouldn't take anything for granted. The whole process of talking and dealing with crosscheckers, scouts, etc. has better prepared us for what to expect should he have the opportunity again. It has been a valuable life lesson.
One of the things I thought was interesting was looking at the disparity between the velocities of the RHP's and the LHP's drafted in the last few rounds. Even in those rounds the RHP's were generally all guys working in the upper 80s or higher and touching 90 or more. The LHP's included ones working low to mid 80s and touching mid to high 80s along with ones touching 90 or so. Some of the available info (mlb video, old showcase info)can be out of date but the difference is clearly there.
Congrats to all the HSBBW kids!! It's always a joy to see success happen in the "family"!!

A big congrats to a former HS teammate of my son, Jayson Langfels, who went in the 16th. He's a young man who has the skill as well as the intangibles we always talk about.... including heart, dedication, manners, and just a great "spirit"!!

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