2018 mlb post season

No dog in this fight, not even close.  I will enjoy seeing Boston and Milwaukee, who I have not watched play all year, and I'm intrigued by a potential Atlanta - Houston WS with two young, exciting, and explosive teams.

2022NYC posted:

Watch out Sox. The yanks are starting to get their schnit together

I don’t believe winning one game is getting it together. And the weekend series between the Red Sox and the Yankees was irrelevant. The problems with the Red Sox lie elsewhere.

The Red Sox are not a traditional, excessively successful 108 win team. They are very flawed. MLB teams as a whole stink. They pounded the lesser teams to get to 108. They fell behind many times this year and managed to bash their way to a comeback. This won’t be easy in the playoffs. Their starters and bullpen have been erratic since the all star break. The Big Three (Sale, Price and Porcello) are a career 0-11 6.18 in the post season. Relying on the bullpen since the all star break has been like flipping a coin.

The Astros have to be their favorites due to their pitching. They allowed the last runs in a season in the DH era. But they have their flaws as an overall team. 

The Yankees are dangerous with their power. Their bullpen has been typically lights out. But the Red Sox don’t seem to be fazed by the Yankees bullpen. 

The Indians have been inconsistent all year. But the pitching potential is there.

The most dangerous National League team went down when the Cubs lost. Who wants to face Lester and Hamels four times in a best of seven?  Knowing Lester would start and Hamels would relieve I didn’t think the Brewers had a chance. Credit has to go to the Brewers pitchers for shutting down the Cubs until past Lester and Hamels. 

But the thing about the post season is any team remaining that gets hot or one player puts their team on their back can win it all. Any team good enough to get their is good enough to win.

Shoveit4Ks posted:

Good learning exp for Braves, glad that Anthopoulos didn't mortgage the future for this season. Not enough experience but excited about next season.

Agree, they need Harper or a few vets.  I do think though they mortgaged this post season, by adding Sobotka, Toussaint and Fried to the roster.  They were essentially September callups. Biddle, Winkler, Freeman, etc were flawed, but they had more experience and may have fared better.  Think they wanted the young guys to get a sniff, no matter the cost. 

But they got a win and had a lead in game 4.  More than NY, Cleveland and Colorado can say.

2022NYC posted:

A weak finish but a strong season nevertheless. Boston will be another team with the best record to fizzle out at the league chip series. Stros are too hot 

Any team that gets to the post season is typically capable of winning it all. They just have to play well. Hot can change in one game. Chris Sale will be on the mound.in game one. I questioned the Indians though. If they were really good they would have won 100 games in their weak division.

The big difference with the Astros and Red Sox is pitching. If the Red Sox to the same level in the Astros series they will lose. The Astros will pitch better than the Yankees.

Its cliched and boring. But, you take it one game at a time.

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