2019 College Baseball Season

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The steroids to be concerned with are anabolic steroids, completely different than corticosteroids (prednisone, dexamethasone, etc).  Corticosteroids are used for inflammation, pain, asthma, and such.  Even if a drug appears on the NCAA list, such as amphetamines or derivatives, it is legal as long as the proper paperwork, medical info, prescription is provided.  I agree with Buckeye 2015, not really worth the risk.  This is probably just letting him throw, not necessarily addressing the underlying problem.  Good luck with the season

Oh, right. They don’t do steroids in college ball. Well, even if they did, they would really be discrete about it and hide it well. Certain USC player shoots that theory in the foot! 


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Really cool...Good luck!  You know we're all going to be checking the box score now, right?

Yeah, it makes me nervous!  I hope he does well.  I feel like I did when he was in JC ball.  He was up and down as a Freshman, but completely dominated as a Soph.  I'm thinking that he is going to have a really good year this year, after being up and down last year.  

They have a really tough row to hoe though.  Starting out with to Top 25 Teams on the road will not be easy.

Eh, no reason to be nervous.  We’ve all experienced the good and bad games from our kids.  They're all special in the end, especially at the level your son is playing at. Enjoy!

I've got a mental log of many of the sons playing this year and will be rooting them all on.

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