We hope that everyone on this site and their players enjoy the 2019 Baseball season, that their son's play to their ability, that they all enjoy the experiences, and that everyone stays healthy. 

Oldest (P) is starting his last year of D1 college ball tonight 6+ hours away and we won't be there

Youngest (freshman-CF) is starting CF on varsity, and their season starts next Thursday.  

As I told my wife, "we missed perfect planning by 1 year", so we'll be forced to split up attendance duties throughout the year. 

I've tried to explain to her that I will need more information in updates than "we are up by 3 and he got a hit".  

Estimate that between the both of us, we'll attend over 120 games by the middle of August (56+ playoffs for oldest, 35+ playoffs for youngest in HS, and then 50+ in the summer with the youngest).  

Travel safe, and enjoy the ride, it goes by very quickly.



“I don’t scratch my head unless it itches and I don’t dance unless I hear some music. I will not be intimidated. That’s just the way it is.”

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Season opener this morning at 11am (weather issues later) in Tennessee.  I'm waiting and going when they are back there in two weeks.  Fortunately they have radio broadcast (and hopefully live stream).  Son's still working out an arm issue and isn't throwing this weekend, but will likely DH. Only  52 games left on a journey that started with T-ball .....I did my best to figure out how many games he's played...and by my calculations he'll hit game #1000 somewhere around game 12 of this season.  I wonder if I should bring a cake lol    Good luck to everyone....and would it be too much to ask to please have a couple games with sunshine this season?  

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