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To start off, I am a 6’3” and around 200 lbs RHP/Corners. So far in the beginning of the year I’ve been throwing around 87-90 with a plus slider and an above average change (although it’s pretty inconsistent at the moment). I think I’ll be throwing  around 89- 92 when summer rolls around. I think I can play two way at the next level but I don’t think my bat alone will get me where I want to go. Also, This summer I’m going to play for one of the top travel teams in the state, which will probably get me some good exposure. As far as recruiting goes, I’ve been talking to a good amount of mid majors D1s and am close to one P5 offer (Big 10). I was wondering if it’s too late in the game to get a lot of P5 attention considering that most of their classes are nearly full, if not already full. Anyone have any ideas on what I should shoot for and expect going into the summer recruiting wise? 

Thanks in advance!

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While the typical cycle for a P5 is a bit earlier, they will definitely find room for a kid that touches 90's and is an effective P with decent secondary offerings.  If you have success with your top travel summer team, I'm pretty sure you will have P5 opportunities.  Make sure grades and attitude are in check as well.

It's late, but it is never too late for a guy throwing 90 with height. You're in the right direction with the travel team. If they're not hitting the WWBA and the other major tournaments this summer, find a team to guest play with - one that is even better. 

What you should be doing now is reaching out to schools with the subject line - Joe Smith 6'2 91 mph RHP - and telling them you're interested in their program with some video of you throwing a bullpen with a radar in the frame. Make sure to include the name of travel team and coach name/number in the email. 

Have your travel coach reach out to some of the schools you're interested in/he thinks you can play at. Have him let them know where you'll be and when and have him give you the green light to sign up for a specific camp or showcase they'll be at. If your coach can't do this for you, you are not playing for one of the top travel teams in CA. 

A few other things - You have good size and good velo. Don't put all your eggs into the velo basket, P5 schools need to see other plus pitches. An inconsistent changeup is not an above average pitch, it is an inconsistent pitch, don't neglect it. 

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I think there are still opportunities to be had for pitchers! Could you give us some info on your academics?

The truth is at this stage grades don't matter much. He either has the talent for P5 schools or he doesn't. They don't care about grades until they identify you as a prospect and are on the cusp of making an offer. 

P5 schools are probably the most lenient on admissions when it comes to athletics. If he can't get into a P5 school with baseball on his side, odds are he won't be getting into many mid majors with baseball on his side either. He is also a second semester junior, grades aren't going to change much from now to signing day in Nov. 

D3 is one of the few levels where grades take priority over talent. As they need talent that can get into the school first. 

No, its not too late for P5 or other schools but you need to be getting exposure and creating a buzz in the marketplace if P5 school is the goal .  Not sure how many D1 schollies are still out there, but there may be opps w/o schollies so that needs to be considered.  

I see your metrics as a tweener in a lot of different ways because of your velocity, frame and recruitability.  You're not small but not overly tall either for a D1 pitcher.   You've got good D1 velocity but not great velocity which may explain why the D1 mid-majors are (mostly) pursuing you.   One thing that does stand out as a potential differentiator is your 30 ACT score.  If you can improve that to say a 32, I think you will have some of the D1 high academic schools (Ivys, Patriot) busting down your door as they are looking for players like you and the recruiting calendar is not too late.  Possibly, 30 ACT is enough for them to take a chance on you, but they may want you to retest.   If I was in your shoes, I would consider Ivy/Patriot schools but it is going to depend on what you're looking for in a college, profession and what you want to study.   Just a thought from my experiences.

Good luck!  

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P5 isn’t always the be all, end all some people view it to be. I doubt any player on Coastal Carolina or Cal Stare Fullerton wishes they were in a P5 program if it’s not as competitive as their program. 

The chances or playing both ways in college are slim and none. A lot of very good hitters have only pitched in college.

If you get one P5 offer and it’s a solid program you have to ask yourself some very honest questions. Why is this one P5 offering and not others? Are they seeing something everyone else is missing? Or are they wrong about me?

Receiving and accepting a college offer is only step one. Once on campus you have to prove you deserve to be there. Put yourself in a good position to compete. I’ve seen kids accept offers from their dream, reach school and shook my head. I thought to myself, “He’ll never stick there.” 


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Just know these are all opinions based on each parents own personal experience, as is my response. My son did not have interest from any schools at the D1 level until he attended a P5 camp and had a great performance while also living 90+ with every fastball, during fall of his senior year. But as Fenway pointed out, athletic scholarship money is going fast. Both P5 schools that my son was talking to either had or were not willing to provide athletic money. Those that met him late early in senior year called him a unicorn, because no one was familiar with him due to being a late bloomer like yourself.

I would second PABASEBALL's recommendation of sending emails out with heading that includes your velo. Put together a short video of you pitching and, if possible, include a radar gun with velo. I would also recommend a post to flatground.


If you are 89-92 when summer rolls around and have plus offspeed you will receive interest/offers from a variety of P5 programs.....what's critical for you is to be with the right organization at the right events......WWBA, music city, midwesprospect league, etc. are important places to be......if you have verifiable stats (pg,pbr) email your target schools pitching coach/recruiting coordinator a link to your profile along with information as to why you are interested in there school and program....I would copy your summer team coach and I would let them know what events you will should also be prepared to have some of the closer schools visit you during your school ball season...........if you hit the velo you expect this summer your biggest challenge will be trying to find time to take visits and sort out where you really want to be for the next 4 years.......dont underestimate the importance of best may find out P5 is not it.......where you fit academically, socially and financially are all key baseball is hard...dont make it harder by landing somewhere you dont want to be simply because it's a P5.

i think you are in good shape,  play in big events this summer on a good travel program and I think you are going to get a lot more interest.    sounds like you are somewhat of a late bloomer but with your size and velocity i think you will see good interest this summer.    My son had 2  2019 pitchers at his school pick up Big 12 offers last summer.  

My 2018 verbally committed to a Big West school in July before his senior year. He was throwing 88-90. He had a decent number of offers. He signed the NLI that November. His senior year was off-the-charts successful. Pro scouts coming out, gave up only 6 hits in 52.2 innings the entire year. Sitting 91-93/T94. We fielded SEVERAL calls that spring (usually backdoor requests through scouts) from P5's wanting to know if he had actually signed his NLI. It was quite clear that this improvement from the previous summer put him in a spot where, even that late, P5's would find money.

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