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Schilling was considered a horse’s behind long before he got political. At lot of teammates didn’t care for him off the mound. Politics should not be part of the evaluation to election to the HOF. Schilling belongs in the hall. There are plenty of horse’s behinds in the HOF.

As for the steroid era either wipe out the stats and forfeit the games or vote them in.

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@Ripken Fan posted:

All have merits on the field to enter Hall (based on #s). Schilling was never said to use PED's unlike the other two. With his post season successes, Schilling should be in the Hall, and not just his bloody sock.

Totally agree.

Unfortunately, the HOF process has become a joke.   Somebody needs to take a big roto-rooter in there to clean it out.   I don't blame Schilling for having his candidacy put on hold. 

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