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Quite a few surprises, especially that the highly regarded HS shortstops fell quite a bit.

Orioles pick for example was quite surprising as he is seen more as a mid first round talent but they are probably spinning some deals again like last year to get better 2-5 rounders because the org is in such a bad state that they need several guys and not just one star.

I'm still not a huge fan of this, love that for example the red Sox took the chance at Mayer even if it means going overslot and getting less in later rounds. Superstars are more likely from earlier rounds but I also understand that teams like the Os and pirates who are in Very bad shape have different needs than a team like the red Sox who can take a swing at a Guy to get another superstars while the pirates and Orioles probably need 20 new guys for their next competitive roster and thus should take a more Quantity and floor oriented approach to get 4-5 Quality guys even if the top guy is a bit worse.

Day 1 results

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I'm curious, how does a HS junior get drafted?  That's what it says on the draft tracker.  He's born in 2003, so apparently not old for his grade - although I see that most of the HS seniors drafted were born in 2002, and some were born in 2003, so is it that he's 18?

Several years ago a teammate of my son was eligible for the draft but headed to college after his junior year. He was eighteen.

When he headed for a private school they had him repeat freshman year. By junior year he had nothing more to gain baseball wise. He got his GED and headed for college. Before anyone gets the wrong idea it wasn’t Wossamotta U. It was a HA, ranked D1.

As for the academic integrity of this HA they also recruited a football kid from our high school with a 4.25. It was his time in the forty. It might also be his IQ. Or it could be the years of probation he got for decking a cop.

He became a humble, nice kid. But he was dumber than a bag of rocks. He was gone in a year. He transferred to a less academic challenging, sometimes ranked mid major. He flunked out of there in a year. He now has a career in distribution.

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@Good Knight posted:

Yes Seth played 2nd to his ss on Hitters. Great kid.

That’s awesome.  Your son is going to Minnesota, correct?  Great program.  Congrats on that.  The Counsell kid is another from Hitters that my son got to know a little and compete against a few times over the years.  Another GREAT kid and of course as you know also going to the Gophers

My kid is a D3 commit but had a blast playing with and against D1 players and MLB draft picks.  Will be interested to see if Ian Moller gets picked in the next few rounds or ends up going to LSU

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Kid from WI that my kid played against a few times, Noah Miller, got drafted #36 overall by the Twins.  A slick fielding Shortstop, it’ll be fun watching him develop.  He was committed to Alabama

It is fun.   None of my son's former teammates are likely to go in this draft, but yesterday one of them played in the futures game and another had his first 2HR MLB game.  Great stuff.

@nycdad posted:

Two fun facts so far.

The first (known) Orthodox Jewish player taken in the 3rd round, the photo that everyone including some news outlets seem to be using is mine. I took it at a pre-draft event I shot a few weeks back.

My son's college catcher was taken in the 10th round.

That is so cool. That they used your pic and the player is an Orthodox Jew. Who was that?

@Smitty28 posted:

11 of 36 first rounders came from P5 schools...It seems there is lots of opportunity for players not recruited by the P5.

That is a little misleading because only 6 of 36 were from non-P5 colleges or not committed to P5 schools so that changes the statistics tremendously.  All of the HS players who were drafted in first round were committed to P5 schools unless I missed someone.  So 17% were non-P5 players or committed to go to a P5 school which seems about right.

@Dominik85 posted:

I find it funny that some teams had rather extreme drafts. The angels went 20 for 20 pitchers (kinda understandable as they need pitching) but even more surprised me that the Dodgers took 17 pitchers too. Maybe the whole covid situation made pitchers easier to scout?

Someone told me that only having 5 rounds last year hurt some teams. Not sure if true but makes sense.

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