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Sleeping will be an issue.  Sleeping in a sling is tough too.   He has gabapentin for nerve pain, ketorolac for anti-inflammatory, Extra Strength Tylenol for pain too, and baby aspirin for clots.  His pain level is still low but he's not 24 hours out.  I know it will be painful.... we can call for the real stuff if needed but he is anti opioids.  His buddy had ligament surgery on Tuesday and he also declined opioids.

With the scary stuff going on out there in the world those of us who have kids who try to avoid taking prescription painkillers as much as possible are very fortunate.

Good luck to your son on his recovery.

Only two.  I think I have 4, but I had to have a bicep also reattached.  How many for you?

2 PushLock and 1 SwiveLock in the left. 2 PushLock in the right plus rotator cuff. About 10 years out for the left and 5 for the right. Been playing beer league hockey and riding a bike with no issues ever since. Overhand throwing is a tougher road, but this surgery an amazing option.

Update:  Labrum surgery yesterday went well.  Time will tell how successful for a pitcher.  Today should be the worst day for him; he refused pain meds.  The next update on this will come in the 2023 college season discussion topic or 2022 College fall topic if there is one.

A pitcher on our team had labrum surgery summer before senior year.  Pitched mid freshman year and has pitched a lot this year.  He is draft eligible and apparently is being considered for 4th-5th round.  It can turn out good. Let me know how the no pain meds son has surgery next week and is saying he won't take pain meds either.  I'm hoping he will for the first 2 days.  I get where they are coming from.  I try to never take them more than a day after surgery.  Best wishes!

@Ripken Fan, I could be wrong but today's ESPN Top 10 #2?  I think it was #2.  I can't find a link to add.... Should be in the 2022 Minor League Topics....

Thanks Gunner. RipkenFanSon was the #3 ESPN play of the day. He made a couple of great plays on the field. Scary moment with his second plate appearance. He was hit by a 95mph pitch in helmet squaring to bunt for a hit. He's OK and actually stayed in game after being subjected to concussion protocol. (thank goodness for helmets and padding).

First, I want to thank everyone who posts here.  I’ve been a lurker for several years and finally “waded into the water” a year ago.  I’ve learned so much from all of you.  

My son just finished his freshman year at a D3.  He’s a RHP.  And I’m excited to report, that his team is still playing!  Yesterday, they advanced to the Super Regionals for the first time in program history.  They don’t find out until later today who they’re playing, or where they are playing.

The team started the season a little shaky, then really clicked on their spring break trip.  They started “receiving votes” and were even ranked for one week.  They thought their season was over when they lost in their conference tournament.  But the team gathered together and watched the selection show, just like in D1 basketball.  Someone taped them and it was fun to watch their reaction when their name popped up on the screen.

My son has struggled with his confidence and control and had limited playing time.  As expected, he did not make the tournament travel roster.  But they took the entire team to the Regionals.  One of the coaches said “we want to make this the most expensive spring ever!”

Let me reiterate what I’ve read here multiple times - that dog pile looked like fun!  My husband joked - hope no one gets hurt jumping on each other!  The rostered players came up to the fence to hug all their teammates.  They did take a photo with everyone holding the Regional banner they snatched off the fence.

My son said he loves being part of the team and has a plan for the summer - playing on a summer team, working out and working with his pitching coach.  He’s going to busy because he’s also working and taking a summer class.   He said his bullpens were much better late in the season but by that time, the regulars were locked in.  He’s confident he’ll be given a fresh opportunity to compete next year.  In the meantime, he’s going to keep cheering for his team!

Congrats!  My son's season is over, it was great, both in terms of results, and as a learning experience, in every way.  What struck me most was the injuries - not just arms, but also concussions happened more than I would have thought, and other types of injury knocked out key players at key moments.  He gets a few days off, then it's on to summer ball.

I’m watching the Big12 tournament on TV right now. Pete Hanson is pitching a gem for Texas and has shut out Okie St thru 2 outs in the 8th. All that is just backdrop for this question. At what point did seemingly all the play by guys (SEC Network in this case but ESPN is the same) start trying to throw down cutesy schtick, off topic references, and made up buzzwords in a (failing) effort to add color and flair to their presentation?!? I can’t stand it. I don’t know how Mike Rooney (the analyst) hasn’t strangled the guy.

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