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Oswego State was the best team I’ve seen so far, this season, but I haven’t seen close to all of the best teams

I watched my son's team play against Baldwin Wallace (ranked one spot behind Oswego State) and Trinty Texas (ranked 2 spots higher), and my son's team went 3-1 against them. Baldwin Wallace was very tough.  I've watched them play Denison 2x and split, they are ranked about 6 spots behind Oswego at #20.   I thought Wooster was exceptional, but they are not ranked or getting votes nor is my son's team.  Wheaton has excellent pitching, so they are a team to watch, they are getting votes but prob ranked next week.  That's my D3 run down from what I have seen.  I've seen some great baseball this year, but D3 is not all like the teams I just mentioned.  If his team loses the conference tournament tomorrow, they still might get an at-large but possibly too many other losses.  Finals are over.  He is awaiting an MRI on his shoulder - his season is over.

I don't understand the thing with the Texas and Centenary teams.  Why not just add four more teams to fill out the regionals?  Why those teams?

I'm not an expert on the selection process, but I think these are the main factors:
- start with the total count, which is based in large part on the NCAA budget. the number seems to vary from year to year in D3. this year it's 60. the NCAA only wants to pay for hotels, meals, travel, etc for that predetermined number of teams.
- D3 uses "600 miles" as the magic number for travel by bus. I'm guessing that no teams are flying in this round, but I haven't checked closely.
- they start with the 60 teams that deserve a bid, and then the teams who deserve to host.
- then they look for teams who can travel (by bus) to those hosts while trying to avoid matching teams from the same conference or region.
- they only play in 4-team and 2-team formats. I don't know why.
- which brings us to Trinity and Texas-Dallas. I guess Centenary is the only other school within 600 miles of them, so not enough teams for a 4-team playoff.
- I guess with LaGrange hosting Centenary, Birmingham Southern was the only other school near them.

I'm sure you'll find exceptions to all of the above since it's not an exact science. For instance, Birmingham Southern is the #1 seed but is traveling to Lynchburg.

Interesting regarding Centenary/Trinity:

Once you get below D1 ball the seeding logic is based on distance, (cost) and trying not to get teams that are in the same conference playing each other again in the regional.  Since going to the super regional format the only thing I can assume in the Centenary/Trinity placement is that they are thinking they will need to get through the super regional to get to the CWS. Regardless that is a huge benefit if they are thin in pitching depth. I guess this makes up for the times that the NCAA put 3 top nationally ranked teams in the West Regional.

Some factors about D3:

First of all a school needs to submit in advance that they will host, and meet all the NCAA requirements for hosting including press box, lodging, volunteers, field specs, etc.

If a top seed does not submit to host, or does not qualify, they travel. May be the issue with ECSU and other higher seeds.

The West Region is massive-pretty much all D3 West of the Mississippi. There are fewer schools in the massive region. On the other hand, teams from the West have dominated D3 winning nearly every Championship except one, I think, since around 2013.

As others noted, cost and travel distances are important factors.

As a result, one Regional in Chapman is 3 SCIAC schools plus Pacific from the NWC.

In addition, that 4 team at Chapman  left UT Dallas and Trinity with huge SOS factors or conference automatic as an obvious match up, all factors considered. Even then , Trinity is the higher seed but Dallas hosts.

One thing I've been wondering all year is, why are Boyd's and Massey's strength-of-schedule ratings so different from the NCAA's?  Their overall rankings sort-of line up with what the NCAA does (and the coaches' polls), but not entirely.

Specifically for D3 baseball, the SOS is only based on in-region games and 2 levels of opponents' winning %. Massey and others are not limited to region and not limited to 2 levels of OWP. I think Massey also adds some weight for quality of win (e.g. score differential).

D3 Baseball 2022 Strength of schedule

After a single game of baseball, the scores make it seem like the football teams are playing in Texas...

Trinity (Texas) 7 Texas-Dallas 4 (duration 2:41)

Trinity (Texas) 18 Texas-Dallas 13 (duration 3:36)

Texas-Dallas 32 Trinity (Texas) 9 (duration 3:22)

If that's what's left of pitching - today's games could be vewwwy intewesting ;-)

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