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I know this may be early for some, but it is first day of practice/tryouts here in Texas so, I thought I would start this years thread.

Looking forward to a good year (I hope).

For 2025's school, I think this will be a rebuilding year. We lost 9 seniors (7 starters) the whole starting infield and the top two starting pitchers.

Only a couple seniors this year so the Juniors and sophomores will need to step up.

When does everyone else start? What do you think the seasons will look like.

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We've been having offseason indoor practices since December.  Our high school tryouts begin February 20 and last one week.  96 are trying out this year.  Our first game is scheduled March 25.  I'll be honest, it must be nice to be in Texas this time of year to be having tryouts already.  All the best to all our kids, parents, and families this year.

Even though I don't have a kid on the team anymore (last graduated in '22), the dogs and I will take our annual (10 years running) trek to the HS to watch the 1st practice from the stands.

1st year in a long time that the coach is unsure about the team (and they are not ranked).

Always look forward to this day, but this one will be a little bittersweet, but I look forward as in 2 weeks as the youngest's JC team visits Texas for a weekend series.

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I was hoping I would be here chiming in on my 2025 kid but he retired from the greatest sport as a 11 year old for the grid iron. I am proud to be a junior member of team "pearl droppers", oddly I am probably older than some of the senior pearl dropping parents. Best of luck to your kids' upcoming season and I look forward to venting, crying, laughing and sharing the upcoming months.  The therapy in here is awesome.

@FS713 posted:

First time to comment but longtime "listener" to sage advice. Texas also here. Son's team is top ranked pre-season team in 6A.

FS713 - That is an interesting nugget you posted.  For starters, I didn't have a clue what 6A meant being in Ohio, but I googled and came up with this:


6A 2190 and Above 252 Schools 

5A 1150 - 2189 252 schools 

4A 505-1149 182 schools 

3A 225 - 504 211 schools 

2A 105 - 224 187 schools 

1A 104.9 and below 142 schools

Question: Is 2190 and above grades 9 through 12 and also includes both boys and girls who are enrolled?  Either way, being the top-ranked school in 6A is saying a lot and your son's team must be fun to watch.

I can provide a little context by how they classify here in Ohio.  They go from D1 to D6 - with D1 being the most populous schools.  In 2005, when my son graduated, his school had the highest enrollment in the state.  His graduating class was 1105 meaning from grades 9 through 12, there were over 4000 (boys and girls) enrolled.  It was not easy getting on the field back then with the large number of players competing for spots.  He did not become a starter until his junior year, for example.  Thus, when people say they made varsity as a freshmen, I have in the back of my mind - things are relative.  Now with my grandson, our school has shrunk somewhat and is now the fifth largest in the state.  His current class enrollment is about 650 meaning there are about 2600 enrolled (boys and girls) in grades 9 through 12.  If my reading is right, our school would be a 6A school in Texas but you (or someone else) can set me straight on that.  If 2190 for 6A is just the number of boys, those are enormous schools.


Your school would be classified as 6A in Texas.

The smallest 6A school in Texas has around 2,300 student population (grades 9 through 12). We have some 6A schools in our region (Houston) at 5,500+ student population. My 2025's school is around 3,900 now.

Below is the Texas High School Baseball Preseason Top 10. Any of those schools could be listed as #1. Many kids that get cut in these programs would definitely be starters at other schools. The student population fluctuates, but all of them are "big" schools. 

1. Pearland Oilers 2. Austin Westlake Chaparrals 3. San Antonio Reagan Rattlers 4. Southlake Carroll Dragons 5. Hebron Hawks 6. Ft. Bend Ridge Point Panthers 7. Lake Travis Cavaliers 8. San Antonio Johnson  9. The Woodlands Highlanders  10. Flower Mound Marcus

Good luck to all in tryouts!  We are still in indoor open gym mode, with tryouts not until the end of February (not Texas ).  Our high school is in the largest population bracket in the state and will have frosh, frosh/soph, JV, and varsity.  Baseball is so popular here that the community where the high school is located supported 4 travel teams at son's age level alone last year (not including other travel programs that sprung up in neighboring communities that a couple of boys played for) - not all of these boys will make a team and this does not even account for the other age levels.  Son is a 2026 and hopes to make a team (he's been on the most competitive of the age level teams for a few years now), knowing many boys currently working out with him will be cut, and that freshmen are simply not put on JV or varsity.   He is optimistic, but he appreciates the realities of playing baseball at his very large high school.

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HS varsity season officially started Jan 9 here in Atlanta.  Had tryouts Jan 9 and 10, practice everyday since then.  My son goes to a small private school but with a decent baseball program.  Varsity team is looking good with 9 seniors, almost all starters returning, all of pitchers returning, 5 D1 commits (and counting), 4 other college commits (Juco to D2), and most importantly, a group of really good kids that truly enjoys each other with no drama in the locker room (and not much drama with the parents also last year).  The team is aiming to make a run again at states.  Everyone is excited for the season to start.  First game Feb 8.

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I'm envious; next season will mark ten years since my son's HS senior season…

At the end of my son's soph season ('12), his team was three rounds deep in the playoffs but down one game in a best-of-three series. In game two, my son hit a 3-run bomb in the top of the 6th (photo of him rounding 1st) to give his team a 3-run lead. That should have been my most vivid memory of the game, but it wasn't (even with the photo).

Montgomery loaded the bases in the bottom of the seventh and hit a walk-off grand slam. The raw emotion from the seniors and their parents was overwhelming and one of my most memorable baseball moments. There wasn't a single senior with dry eyes coming off the field, and they had parents in the stands to match. The finality of that moment hit, and those seniors never played together again, and it hurt.

That's when I understood there's an expiration date on this baseball journey and not to take that for granted. There's no guarantee if or how long anyone will be on the field at any level. It goes by so fast, and you never know when it will end. Enjoy the journey and stay in the moment!

Good luck to all the athletes and their families!



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JucoDad - great, great story and memory.  Only true baseball people get this type of stuff.  It's not just about winning and losing.  It's about competing.  Sometimes you eat the bear and sometimes it eats you.  I always kid with people, that team on the other side have parents and grandparents who want to see their kids win equally as well as you do.  That memory you describe, however, is just as fine a memory as the winning team had only a few moments later.  Before the final blow of the game, the three run homer simply had to feel like it was your year and it must have been absolute elation.  I believe both teams can "win" in a game and I'll never back down from that feeling.  Who would have thunk a four-run, walk-off homer would have beaten you before it actually happened?  Of course it hurt at the time, but that is the way baseball is.

I saw an excellent documentary on MLB network about Dennis Ekersley.  There were the highest of highs in his life and the lowest of lows.  I thought they asked him a dumb question about the famous Kirk Gibson homerun in the World Series.  They asked him if he wished he would not have played in that game knowing how it turned out or something like that.  He said something like absolutely not, it was one of the greatest moments in MLB history and he was glad to be a part of it.  Obviously, he wished it had gone the other way but he was still grateful for the opportunity.  I have great memories from winning and losing.  Have experienced the low points like you describe.  I wouldn't trade the experience however regardless of the outcome.   

Third day of trouts here.  Looking pretty good so far.  Two more cuts to make.  Mine is a freshman, so I think he’s a lock for the sophomore (lowest) team and maybe a flier for JV.  I’m not sure how our varsity will do this year.  I think they have a lot of talent returning so could be a good year for them.  They usually get to the 2nd round and get bounced 😁

Son just completed his 4th day of tryouts(here in Coastal South Texas). He knows he made the cut, but probably got JV and not Varsity(he's a Soph). He's so competitive that he's a bit hurt, but I know he'll shake it off. Varsity has 13 returning seniors and three returning underclassmen and three Junior or Senior transfers, so there wasn't much room on a 18-19 man roster. I'll enjoy him getting more play time on JV anyway. I just hope he'll see it that way, in the days to come. Plus, I told him there are several kids that he's played with for years that didn't make the cut, so he should be proud of where he's at. We're going to miss those friends, though. 

Good luck to all the kids out there and to their parents and grandparents who will be biting nails during each game!

I'll enjoy him getting more play time on JV anyway. I just hope he'll see it that way, in the days to come. Plus, I told him there are several kids that he's played with for years that didn't make the cut, so he should be proud of where he's at. We're going to miss those friends, though.

Good luck to all the kids out there and to their parents and grandparents who will be biting nails during each game!

It is the right way to look at it.  Playing time is more valuable for sure.  Reminded me of my dad’s story.  He played basketball.  He wasn’t good enough to make JV first two years (didn’t even make any team as a freshman) but kept grinding.  Chose to play JV as a junior for playing time.  Ended up starting varsity point guard as a senior and went on to play in college at a D1 school.  He attributes it to being on the floor when his soph and especially his jr buddies were mostly riding the bench on varsity.  

And your son should be proud to be on any squad in your area.  It’s extremely  competitive in many parts of Texas, just about all of them.  😁 Congrats!

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