My 2022 PO is shutting down till Mid December. He'll continue with working out and try to add a few pounds increasing calorie intake (6'2" 150lbs). But no throwing at all. He's thinking about adding 2lb Med Ball Throws 3 times a week to build intent, create separation and try to increase Velo as a low impact use of the arm as seen HERE

Has anyone done these? Did they help? Thoughts?


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My son uses the 2lb ball about once or twice a week as part of his throwing program.  It seemed to help, but it was just a piece in the overall program.  We bought our ball from Oates Specialty.  It is not a hard medicine ball but a squishier ball and it has held up great so far. 

How much has he pitched last year and since when he has been shut down? 

I would probably do no throwing at all (no med ball either) for like 6 weeks and then start very low intensity plyo throws at this age group.

For 13 and under I would do the full 3 month recommended shut down but at least 14+ if he isn't hurting the 6 weeks no throwing (just lifting) and then 6 weeks of low intensity is probably a good compromise.

These are basically just diagonal medicine ball throws.  Done properly, it works the core more so than the arm.  So long as he's "throwing" with both hands, he should be fine.  However, I occasionally see a kid slide the throwing hand more behind the ball, which probably puts more stress on the shoulder than it really needs.  Guard against that and he should be fine.    

Med ball throws are just a tool in the "absolute strength to absolute speed continuum" tool belt and would be considered a strength-speed exercise . Absolutely can and should be used as part of a comprehensive training program. However, they should follow a progression, especially at his age. Best place to start with young athletes is actually anti-rotation. Here is some good info from Cressey.

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