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Hello, I am a player who mostly plays second base, the glove that I use is 12 1/4 inches. Next year I plan on playing high school ball and I would like to be to perform at my best in the field. I have thought of buying a new glove that is 11.5 inches. I have gone to multiple sporting good stores to see if i could find a glove that I liked. So far I have never tried on a glove that has "clicked" with me. With most of the gloves I tried I found that I didn't feel comfortable with them. But the glove that I have I feel so comfortable and confident that I will be able to field a ground ball with it. Now with the glove that I have now most people would think that it is too big for infield, but I have no problem with getting the ball out of my glove and throwing it quickly. So my question is should I get a new glove that is smaller, or stick with the glove that I feel most comfortable with that is considered large for infield? Any advice would be appreciated.

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Originally Posted by Consultant:

My son works for SSK and he sells this glove to ML players.

Joe Morgan and Ozzie Smith to name two infielders who have used this size

glove. A few years ago I purchased left handed 10.5 gloves for pitchers.



Wow, didn't know those greats used that sized glove. But for my personal preference I would find that glove to be too small. But out of the info I provided what would you recommend to me?

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