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Inaugural post here...my 10 year old just tried out with a regional travel team. They took it very seriously, and professionally. Many ex college players and one ex pro.

They measured kids younger than 12 on 40 yd dash times (rather than 60). 

My son ran a 6.72 .  I have no baseline to determine if this is quick or not.  Is it?

He's normally one of the fastest players in any group.

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There is no baseline  - or indeed any meaning - to what a 10 year old measures (in any facet of baseball skills). At that age, size and early coordination give better "measurables" rather than any early stats.

Just enjoy his playing and work on his skills. At this age, enjoy playing as much catch as you can, helping set baseballs on the tee and soft toss for hitting into a screen, hitting him fly balls and grounders, and begin some batting/pitching lessons.

Enjoy your time with him at this age and try not to get caught up in the fellow parents myths of how to do "it." The time really goes by fast and try not to burn him out.

At that age I tried to do something baseball-wise every day with son - it was our time together (and it lasted 15 more years). 

Also, unless his homework is done, there is no baseball (it's never too early to show that academics have higher priority).

PS, when son was that age, I also worried about the same type of stuff you just mentioned. In hindsight, the only important things were our time together, some early lessons, and luckily not burning him out.

Stick around and read lots of archived threads.


Gotcha.  I just figured there were norms for each age group.  I totally agree about enjoying each moment and having fun while teaching skills.  We do those things as well.  

I think people have a good idea of what a typical arm velo looks like by age group, but haven't seen much for 40 yd dash times

I didn’t know my son’s velo until after his sophomore year in HS.  Last reading I knew of was summer after junior year, then this fall as a college freshman.  Don’t think I heard of the word “measurables” when he was 10.

As Goose suggested, enjoy the ride and have a heck of a good time.  

Ahh, the joy's of youth baseball . Fast is fast so try not to worry about timing a 10 year old. On the team I coached, certain kids had a green light at all times (short base paths, inexperienced catchers, and quite a few wild pitchers). I didn't need a stopwatch to tell me that. However, my experience with youth baseball is that the "top" teams aren't usually that fast anyway. You don't need that skill to hit 205 ft fly-balls. It makes me cringe when I hear youth coaches using "measurables" to grade out kids, especially at 10u.  

In all seriousness, take Goose's post to heart. "Stick around and read lots of archived threads" You'll probably find that most of us started out in your shoes.

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