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I came across this article.

50% of the top 10 were from the '80s (one just in the early '90s but 70% from 80s and 90s).  I always told my son we seemed to hit more home runs in the 80s in High School than what the kids today seem to hit.  We debate it... It has to be due to improvements in pitchers because the hitters have much better bats than in the 80s, are probably more skilled due to all-year coaching, and I would think they lift more.   Thoughts?

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I’ll go with the bats were juiced. I watched my 5’4” 120 son jack balls over a fifteen foot fence 315 feet down the line three times in 14u travel ball.

One time the previous hitter jacked a homer into the left field screen (Fenway replica left field wall). Next up was my son. The right fielder moved back. The opposing coach yelled to his right fielder, “This runt isn’t going to hit it that far. Move in.” The ball stopped rolling at the 397 mark in right center. As my son jogged between third and home he turned and smiled at the coach.

Pre-BBCOR HS & College HR numbers are insane. Those bats had the pop of what kids use in 12u. Not only were the bats not restricted, but they weren't limited to using a -3 bat. Pete Incaviglia used a -10 or -8 when he hit 48 bombs for Oklahoma State in 1985.

The BESR standard came along in 1999, those were -3 but had no "pop" restrictions. So anything before BBCOR is a juiced number.

80’s bats weren’t close to being juiced like the 90’s BESR bats.  The original B5 was just better than what came previously and everyone fell in love with it because of the barrel size vs what was typical of the era.  The vid showing 96mph exit velo is pretty typical of toned down “wood like” bbcor of today, the best are over 100 just like maple bats can reach, so nothing special.  BESR have seen upwards of 115-120mph.   I still have my b5 from 1983.  I tried the new B5 and it’s crap compared to the top bbcor’s.  Chalk up the homeruns early to pitching and rhoids, we had 2 guys juicing on my HS team in early to mid 80’s.  They did it more for the muscles and girls than baseball performance but man did they hit the ball far.

ps. kids uSSSa bats are insane and an embarrassment to baseball.

Shout out to my High School for winning it's first baseball state sectional championship in 12 years with an 80s style walk off home run in the bottom of 10th.  If you care to see where @Gunner Mack Jr. played his HS ball watch this video (courtesy of Dan Benz - my JV basketball coach and at one time, maybe still, the all-time leading points scorer at Quinnipiac).   

I think this kid hit the school wall. I never did that.....

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