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This is NOT the movie.It is a "true" story.

Jerry Weinstein, former Sac City College coach and Mgr of Team Israel used this rule to motivate his team.

His team had 9 players off the field between innings before the opposing team has 5 players on the field. The reverse when the teams end the inning.


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My son’s 17u team sprinted on and off the field. Some people thought it was a waste of effort and energy. Some opposing teams mocked it. But, I’ve never heard of baseball people who matter criticizing players or teams for hustling too much.

From 13u to 16u I told my players once you’re three feet from the car that brought you here, other than not putting your spikes on until the field you are required to look 100% like a ball player. Hats will be on correctly. Jerseys will be buttoned up.

“If you can’t do the little things right, you will never do the big things right.”

- Admiral William McRaven

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