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A few years ago, I visited the Dodgers Scouting Director, Terry Reynolds at Dodger Stadium. It was early November and the Stadium was "empty". Only the 2 of us.

We both had watched Ken Burns 9th inning and Vince Scully description of Sandy Koufax.

I ask Terry, "will we ever see another Koufax"? His words were a definite NO!!

Young players should read the history of Sandy. A College basketball players who switched to baseball.


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I read Jane Leavy's Sandy Koufax: A Lefty's Legacy.  A great book, set up around his perfect game.

The description of the condition of his arm by the end of his career, and what he had to do to keep playing, is pretty horrific.   Bob, is that what you meant by we won't see his like again?  Because no-one with an arm in that condition would keep playing?  Or something else?

p.s. my son read it too

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It was his personal determination to be the "best" pitcher at that time of baseball. His record of "no hitters" and the persistence to pitch with "pain"set him apart from other pitchers. There was no pitch count on pitcher's. Complete games was the goal.

One game, the SF Giants knew what the pitch was coming, as Sandy was "tipping" off the his pitches. They could not "hit" his pitches that game. He was that good.


A quality outing sank to three runs in six innings. Pitchers in Koufax’s era would have laughed at this. I can picture a manager coming out to get Gibson in the 6th and being told to get lost.

Now all that’s expected of starting pitchers is to give the team five innings. Next will be the six man rotation.

No, there will never be another Koufax. There won’t even be another Jim Kaat (give me the ball and I’ll give you innings).

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