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Son has been on the road with his Northwoods league team since Friday of last week. He pitches on Saturdays and has been at loose ends so they've had him do color commentary with their radio guy occasionally.

Tonight he texts to say he'll be on the radio tonight for the second time in a week. I replied "that's great bud, they must think you're doing a good job to have you do it again this week."

He replied — "there'a position player playing tonight that needs to wear my pants."

Anyone else with random stories of summer?

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Not a baseball story, but my daughter was catching during a middle school game and called time to go talk to the pitcher. I was proud that she had taken that initiative to communicate with her teammate and wondered what she had said. After the game, when I asked about it, she said, "Oh, I was just telling her that xyz,  the hottest guy in our grade, was in the stands." Nice.

Son played for the Northwoods League, too, in Lacrosse. 

It was a Sunday game and we were streaming and watching the game at home.  He had an off day, but we don't see him at the fence cheering/watching the game.  Hummm.

He was sitting on a bucket eating a root beer float.  Sundays were $5 root beer float day. 

I think the superstitions and vernacular players have/use are always entertaining.

6'5 pitcher wearing my kid's red hockey style mask in the dugout as a part of a rally cry.

The crazy words they use in the dugout. Often the kid would use it on me on the drive home and I would reply with "huh" and he gets annoyed at the fact he needs to translate it

The number of times a pitcher would kick their fingers, then trip that filthy ball...yuck

Pitchers talking to themself on the mound. I can read some of their "affirmations" maybe not appropriate for this forum

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