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I heard it mentioned on this forum a time or 2 that MLB players tend to come from the top 6? rounds with a few outliners.

Was wondering if their is a website that lists current MLB rosters and what year/round that player was drafted.

Also if I look at a minor league teams roster and a player does not have an MLB draft number/round listed, does that mean they walked on for that team and made it? Or invited? Something else?

Thank you


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Replies sorted oldest to newest has the data here, but you need premium license and they'll only give it to you in 200 record chunks. The defunct MLB api would give a year at a time, but that died sometime after 2021 (I have 1965 - 2021).

Take a look at this thread, it might have what you're looking for, especially this article.

As a parent, I have a very different perspective on pro ball now than prior to having a kid living it. It's really hard to get to the MLB, and it's even harder to stay.  It's an amazing career if you beat the overwhelming odds, but there's something to be said for training in something that creates a sustainable income over a lifetime and doesn't rely on being one of the 800 best in world at your field every year...

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