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Congrats on the win and breaking the streak.


How cool was that! Robert bent but didn't break. Shut down the #2 hitting team in the nation. Too bad about the weather and messing up the telecast. I was enjoying watching the game.


I was torn about who to root for, especially when I saw Robert was pitching. I was rooting for Andy. Hyde and Hodges were teammates of Josh last summer. Also, Hodges and Josh had the same host family. What a great young man and Southern gentleman.
Hey, Frank!

As you could tell on TV, that Tech lineup is VERY scary; so, we'll take some "bending" against that crowd!

Meanwhile, "Bee>, Jr." continues to impress on all sides of the plate, and I understand your dilemma perfectly.

Finally, a note to TPM: Please keep the W's coming against Miami!

Here's wishing you and the FrankF Crew a great summer!
Ok, little Prepster did his thing, now little Bee go get 'em!
Trying to stay neutral here! Big Grin
Have conceded to Tech remaining in the #1 spot and CU staying fairly close behind! Will try to see if they can bring UM down a few more notches! FSU needs a loss to help our cause.
Hoping that UM will enter the arena tonight showing a little more respect for my Tigers!
Of course those Tiger fans in the Cheap Seats were mighty cruel last night!
I'll be there for the Maryland Invitational
in Jacksonville Tues May 24.

Would enjoying running into several on Friday
May 27. Even more enjoyable seeing a few on Saturday, if you know what I mean.

Regards & Go Terps.


ps. Also, this will be the last year for the Maryland Invitational. I think the run was 12 years. It seems the leaders, voted best to have an 8 team ACC Tourney for 2006. With 12 teams in the ACC in 2006, that keeps four colleges home in late May 06.

What happened to $$ common sense $$ in amateur college ball!

With Miami's loss tonight, Tech is #1 in the ACC!
Make sure you thank those Tigers next week!
Since the ACC playoffs will be played in Boston in 2007, I think they were looking for a way to say money in advance, since they will have to cover a lot of expenses! JMO.
You have a pm.
First of all, CONGRATS to "TPM, Jr." and his teammates on a huge sweep of Miami this weekend!!!

applaude applaude applaude

You should know, however, that after spending a good bit of time together today, Bee> and I feel that we share at least a smidgen of responsibility for the Tigers success; as we sent "Good Karma" their way all day!

Of course, such positive influences can't be counted upon from us next week, as neither of us can predict matchups past the first round...and we only send "Good Karma" when it serves our best interest!

Finally, we took a vote just before we went our separate ways, and enacted a resolution that the libations at any HSBaseballWeb Get-Togethers next week are to be picked up by parents of teams that swept their last regular season series!! It was unanimous! Big Grin

See you in Jacksonville!
Ahhhh, no way guys, I HAVE decided the responsible party will be the parent of the #1 seed, as he owes this parent of a Tiger BECAUSE the sweep gave them a solid win of the regular season.
Tigers play at 1 on wed, Tech plays at 7? NC plays?
DK CLOSED the game today, he had a perfect 2 innings. He was so tired he just put on the heat and had the attitude "hit me", just as everyone has told him, and he did and offense finished it for him. It was great to see him on TV, the closing shot of him walking off the field happy as could be. I told him that his good deed this week paid off BIGTIME!
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Prepster and/or Glacko

This is the dad of the large pitcher from NH. We have tried to reach him via his cell phone several times, but to no avail, and he has not returned our calls. Not sure if he forgot it, he doesn't have service, or possibly they were forbidden to make calls. Any chance either of you know where they are staying so I could try to reach him at their hotel? Or perhaps one of your boys could pass a message along to him to "call home." No emergency. Just want to touch base with him.

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