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Here's a way for you starved fans to see some fine baseball as early as this weekend!

Tennessee will visit the Seminoles in Tallahassee for 3 games, fri/sat and sunday.

They are planning a very heavy schedule of live,streaming video feeds from most of the ACC schedule.

Best part is if you sign up in the next 2 weeks you'll get a monthly pass for $5.99 and a free 15 day trial...enough to check it out thoroughly!
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Never mind…. Not real easy to find, took a little digging. Looks like you get a 15 day free trial and can cancel at any time (always read the fine print) if you don’t like it or after the season ends. Heck I spend more on coffee a week.

From FAQ

If I purchase an All Event Pass and receive a one time 15-day free trial, when will I be billed?
If you receive a 15-day free trial when you purchase, your credit/debit card will be billed 16 days after you purchased your All Event Pass. Because the All Event Pass is recurring, you will be billed every 30 days thereafter. If you cancel within the 15-day free trial, you will not be billed.

How do I cancel my account?
If you are within United States or Canada, please call Customer Support toll free at 1-877-339-PLAY (7529) anytime between 10:30AM and 12:00AM EST.
If you are outside the United States and Canada, please Email Us or Chat with a Customer Service representative to cancel your subscription.

There are multiple cameras. The FSU/Tennessee game started with just a shot from just beyond the 3rd base dugout. After the 2nd inning there were multiple camera shots although they didn’t follow the play very well. It got better as the game progressed. The Miami/Mercer game was notably better, more like a professional broadcast with different camera angles, panoramic shots, and followed the “bouncing ball” a lot better. You could tell that the Miami crew had a lot more experience. My guess is that they have local undergrads running the web cast. It’s free for the first 15 days and for the cost of a happy meal I think well worth it…

Really...I gotta' get one of those IE 7's!


Before yesterday’s victory, Mercer’s last win over Miami came in 1975 and they were 1-27 all-time versus the Hurricanes. The Bears two wins ensures a series’ victory and they will look for a sweep in game three Sunday afternoon at Mark Light Field. First pitch is slated for 1 p.m.

The last time Miami lost its opening series of the season was in 1967 against Florida State.

Wow!...Go Bears!
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Just hooked myself up with CSTV. Sitting here watching Rice vs Vandy, Texas A&M vs AZ State to follow. Soooooo many college games. It costs more, $14.95/mo but you can just cancel after the baseball season ends.

Watching Texas Tech vs Northwestern. The Texas announcers can't stop complaing about how COLD it is in Lubbock. Are they kidding? They're saying things like, how can you ever get used to playing in conditions like this? It's probably close to 60 degrees and you'd think it was 20.
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ACCSelect will webcast UIC @ GT Friday Feb 16 4:00pm est (that’s 3:00pm cst or Chicago time) and Saturday February 17 1:00pm est (12:00 noon cst). Lots of local Midwest talent… Just watched a great game between GT and Kennesaw State… the Owls lost a heart breaker to Georgia Tech on a walk-off 3 run homer in the bottom of the 10th…. Kennesaw beat themselves…. The GT announcers were talking up UIC in the bottom of the 4th… They were talking about UIC shoveling snow so that they could practice… snow… what snow????
Great site, I love getting some college ball in Feb!

Things that jumped out at me about the game and coverage:

1) PLEASE STOP LAUGHING AND COUGHING DIRECTLY INTO THE MIC. I had to turn of the sound after a while.

2) Breaking ball, Breaking ball,Breaking ball, Breaking ball, Breaking ball, Breaking ball,Breaking ball, Breaking ball,Breaking ball, Breaking ball,Breaking ball, Breaking ball, Breaking ball, Breaking ball,Breaking ball, Breaking ball. My elbow actually started throbing about the 4th inning. Peterson threw a ton of breaking pitches and really got hurt 0-2. The BIG lefty from Tech has good stuff, FB in hard, nice CH and a big curve ball that is a poor man's Zito.

3) GT's players are OXES compared to UIC. They have some BIG OLE BOYS, even the little leadoff man looks like Brian Giles.

I will be watching again today, I like the site.

Keep working hard,
Justin Stringer
Do It Right Baseball
Lane Tech Baseball
Ugly game and terrible broadcast. The color analyst is an ex-player who is finishing his degree this semester. He's the one who keeps laughing. This play-by-play man must have gotten his training at Portillo's.

I've watched other GT games with a different play-by-play man but the color guy is permanent. Listen guys, it is what it is. You get what you pay for.

Yes, GT players are much bigger, but that didn't account for UIC's poor play. Maybe it's the fact that they haven't been outdoors yet.
NICE job by UIC and congrats to Stickwatchers son Larry Gempp Jr who had another great day at the plate. Now if they can get that RHP from WI to throw more strikes they may be on to something. Big Grin

The commentating was much better today as I think they had a different ply-by-play guy. Yesterdays guy was a womens softball announcer and it showed. He knew nothing about baseball and I think the young guy was frustrated and embarrassed by his showing.

In the end the boys from IL came through!
I signed up for the ACC 15-day trial and I'm hooked! That was great fun to watch some college baseball today. Congrats to UIC on the win, and congrats to RZ2 for a very promising first outing less than a year after TJ surgery, amazing! Congrats to Stickwatcher Jr, too! I will definitely be following UIC this spring.
Watching Wichita State vs Pepperdine out in Malibu. Besides all the palm trees past left field showing the way to the ocean, they play Beach Boys music between innings and pitching changes! What a nice change from some of the music I hear around here. Imagine, the Beach Boys. Some clouds rolled in and the announcer had the stones to say, "boy, it's now more comfortable with the clouds overhead".
Now if they can get that RHP from WI to throw more strikes they may be on to something.

Spoken like a true hard nosed dad! Wink

Ryan got his feet wet again in less than a year after surgery. A definite two thumbs up from me.

Kudo's to young stickwatcher. Looking forward to following him and the rest of the flames.
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Was looking forward to watching ISU vs Valpo this afternoon on CSTV. No chance. At ISU there is one camera which looks like it's being held right up to the screen behind the plate. On top of that, there's no ******* announcer! Who does anyone expect to watch a game without any play by play through a cyclone fence? Too bad.

Caught some Richmond vs Virginia and Louisville vs Ball State. Not ESPN quality but certainly good enough for a Tuesday baseball fix.
Originally posted by soxnole:
Not much atmosphere last night but another win for the #1 Noles!

Btw, the broadcaster was solid which is certainly NOT always the case with these web broadcasts.

Not much atmosphere this afternoon while trying to watch NC at Duke. How about NO broadcaster? Switching to Clemson at Wake Forest and then out to watch my son.

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