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I need advice on clarity and the process involved for my son's situation.  My son, 18 is a freshman (Power hitter)  who selected a JUCO (California) locally for baseball as he is still recovering from knee injury this summer. As he had knee surgery few months ago hewould have to miss the spring 2022 season.

He has been asked to either Grayshirt or redshirt.

I want to know which of these options will work. He is dong 12 credits this semester and plans to do 12 more credits the spring 2022 semester.

1. Is it possible to transfer to a 4 year college out of state (For Baseball) for Fall 2022 - keeping 4 years of baseball eligibility?

2. Can he transfer to a 4 year college in California or out of state for Fall 2023?Would he then have 3 years of baseball eligibility in the "4 year institution"?

3. If he plays 2 baseball seasons in this JUCO (Spring 2023, spring 2024) would he only have 2 years to play in the "4 year institution" in state/out of state?

How does grayshirt vs redshirt impact these above scenarios?

A. counselor also mentioned NCAA Qualifier that would need to be completed to transfer in Fall 2022 out of state for baseball eligibility

It's been a crazy semester as he hurt both his knees and is now recovering.

Any insight/advice would be extremely helpful

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