If he has filed out paper work with an MLB team for the 2019 draft or is having dialog with a scout about the Draft, YES. Otherwise NO

Do they just hope to nail down a ton of kids and see who makes it?  I guess I’m leary if anyone reaching out when they are so young.

I would love to hear other opinions also.  My son filled out the questionairre and has some follows and a few conversations.  What will the advisor be able to do for us and advice on how to get one/what to look for from guys who have been through it?

If your son is projected as a 1st round ,it would be beneficial.

Otherwise, I would say no. especially if he’s going to college anyway.

As a family, what amount of $ would it take to forgo College.

Then research where that amount fell in the 2018 draft.

if there is a reasonable change he is targeted as a prospect at that level, you can field calls like an agent can and forgo 4-5%.





search on this site (in the top bar):

      "TPM agent" and there is a great post.

       Also, "joemktg advisor" or "joemktg agent".  His son was drafted out of high school in the second round in 2017, I believe.

Not in HS, but in college, my son was approached by around 4 different advisors.    He eventually went with one that works solely on referrals.  I have never met him, but he has been very helpful for my son when injured, making sure his surgery was with the best doctor, and with equipment (bats, gloves, etc.)  We looked at it as a cost of doing business.  keewartson may have gone as high as he did in the draft because of his advisor.

My son is only a junior so I don’t know why we would need to think about it yet or maybe ever.  We had one talk to us over the summer and one called today.  I told him he could send info but we were just happy to be done with college recruiting stuff for now.  There are two boys at our hs who are meeting with scouts several times a week and I don’t know that they have agents.  Maybe they do and I’m just out of the loop.  I’ll look for that thread.

Baseball HS:

did you son play in the 2018 Area Code games? Each year for 17 years over 40 player representatives attend the games in Long Beach. Many are former pro players. Satisfied clients are your best source of info.



IMO and from my own experience . You do not need an advisor/ agent unless you are being drafted out of high school. However once playing college ball if your goal is to get drafted I highly suggest you get an advisor!!!! My son started getting calls at age 16 from agents. We asked them to mail info. That was it. There was one agent in our state who is a very low key guy and he is picky as to who he takes himself!!! He was also recommended by my sons college coach. He came to watch my son play in college alot. Came to pro days in college. We did sign on with him as an advisor. He worked the MLB teams to help my son get noticed prior to the draft. On draft day he called every round to say who was interested and hang tight. Once my son was drafted in 10th round with no leverage as was a 5th year redshirt senior he negotiated his contract and signing bonus. As his agent he has been there for everything!!! He did not take a penny from my son until my son was added to the 40 man roster 3 years later. 

If big time advisors are contacting you, then you may have a need for one, but for the most part, as mentioned above ...unless a early pick and life changing money vs value of college you can navigate it yourself. Completing questionnaires does not necessarily indicate the need for an advisor. 



As mentioned above only "need" an agent/advisor (A/A) if projected in the higher draft rounds.  If this applies don't worry, many A/A will be contacting your son.  My experience is that it is difficult to find good A/A on your own, they will take on new clients if projected for a big signing bonus or have a good shot at making it to the show.  That being said, if A/A approach your son then talk to them, pick their brain, find out all you can about the process, life as a pro, how the draft will work, etc.  This can be accomplished at the first meeting.  If anything this is good practice if the time comes where several A/A are offering their services.  It won't cost you a dime, just your time spent.

Thanks for the input.  Since he's only a junior, I don't see that he's projected as a high draft pick at this point.  I also wouldn't know if they were good agents or not, so I'll do some research when we cross that bridge.  The guy who talked to us this summer, was just at the area code tryouts and started talking to us and then he came to two of my son's games.  The call I got Friday, I had no idea what it was, they just left a message that they wanted to talk about my son.  Didn't know which son or if it was school related.  Ended up being an agent and he mentioned that he represents a kid that went to my son's future school and was drafted in the last draft.  He may just be reaching out to see who else from the same tree bites.  No idea.  I'll look over the info he sends, but as of now, I just don't see a reason for it.  My son said he doesn't need to worry about it until he hits 95...which might be right

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