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First Team - from Virginia Pilot (5/27/05)
1B Matt Rawls, GB
2B Zach Strong, NR
3B Justin Upton, GB - Player of the Year
SS Philip Cadle, GB
P John Phelps, DC
P Kevin Booth, GB
C Anthony Shawler, OS
OF Eric Cole, GB
OF Coley Riddick, IR
OF Tyren Rivers, NR
DH Josh Cousins, NR
U Will Hirsh, NR

Second Team
1B John Phelps, DC
2B Trae Bailey, GB
3B Jo Jo Grandison, IR
SS gary Williams, OS
P Anthony Shawler, OS
P Matt Olson, WB
C AJ Spinella, Hickory
OF Stuart Conroy, DC
OF Danial Cross, L
OF Micheal Smith, WB
DH Jeff Alexander, IR
U Jo Jo Grandison, IR

Coach of the Year, Wiley Lee, GB
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