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Many times on here we discuss the "what ifs'" if a player quits baseball or it just simply comes to an end and why it does at that time come to an end.

With this in mind I thought this might interest you: this is regarding a young man who I had in LL and played ball in HS with my son--I personally think he could have been more of an impact pitcher than he was but that is not the point here--he had another interest outside of basebal which was acting. A HS grad in 1993 he went to follow his dream -ACTING-- I just got info that he will be co-starring in the Sunday 2/19 showing of Desperate Hosuewives on ABC-- he has also been recently featured in NYPD Blue, NCIS and The District

He will also be on General Hospital (ABC) on 2/13 and 2/16

My hat is off to Dominic Pace because he followed "his" dream.

Folks when baseball ends it aint all bad !!!!
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wow, what a nice surprise. I think I know who posted this so Mr. R, thank you for your kind words. If I can add anything it's to certainly not give up and to have your kids stick w/ it as long as they can.
Funny you should mention playing a baseball player rz1. I was very fortunate back in 1998 to have spent 3 months at Yankee Stadium on a Universal Film called For Love Of The Game starring Kevin Costner. I had only one line in the film but I was one of his team mates. Got to throw the ball on the field every day, pitch in the bull pen, batting practice etc. I always felt it was God's way of saying 'hey, you never made it to the bigs, but here's the next best thing.' All my support to your young boys. My first child, Dante, turns 1 next week and I can't wait to get him on that field. There are some great programs out here in LA and I think he'll certainly have an advantage over me being that he gets to play all year round versus growing up in NY, where have the year I used to dream about being on the field. Take care. Dominic Pace
Wow, what a great story, I know PAmom is lovin it Wink.

Mine has always lived and breathed the game, but was surprised to find out he has alnernate plans if he doesn't make it. I am glad he has a very realistic outlook.

Bestof luck to you, will be watching for ya on Desperate Housewives.

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