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I realize it is a relatively new alternative to Tommy John.  I know two kids who have had it in the last year and both are now experiencing tightness in the upper arm/shoulder.  I'm not sure if that is a coincidence, or a common follow up issue.  Would love to hear experiences.

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My kid had it in November along with a couple of screws in his elbow. He is back to full throwing and is expected to be cleared for return to play by his ortho in about 2 weeks. His had a couple of issues. First is the numbness and tingling from his outer forearm to elbow when he lets it eat. I was informed that is common with elbow surgeries. He also experienced tightness in his traps when he started to increase his throwing volume. His PT did include working on the tightness and he also used a massage gun to treat it. the combo treatment seemed to work  He had tight traps years ago that probably affected his throwing mechanics and eventually lead to his surgery.

Both my boys had it this past year.  Freshman in college was at full strength in about 5-6 months, but he is focusing on outfield and no longer pitching.  Has occasional tightness in forearm, but nothing that doesn't loosen up.  Sat out this year to ensure he wasn't rushing it.  Older son (4th year college pitcher) had it done in November.  Elbow feels great, but shoulder feels weak.  Problem for him is that he also screwed up his lower back weightlifting and its delayed his recovery time for several months.  I have attached a pic of them at Christmas. 


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Son had finally worked himself into a weekend starter last season as a Jr, but knew something wasn't right, pretty extreme pain every time that he threw. MRI showed partially torn UCL. He wasn't interested in doing full blown TJ and was prepared to hang it up. Internal brace was presented as an option to be back and play his last year out. Surgery last May was a success, started throwing in the fall and ramped up over Christmas break. He was limited this year, mostly on a one inning schedule, kind of a closer in front of the closer role. He did have a period after the season started that he thought that he re-injured it. MRI showed everything was good, just inflammation at the joint/UCL. They put him out for 2 weeks with heavy dose of steroids, and to be honest he was never completely pain free. But the surgery did allow him to play his Sr year of college out and contribute as he could. Now that his career is over, I expect that he'll be perfectly fine and will be able to throw BP if he decides to coach in the future or throw to his future kids. It was perfect for him and his individual situation.

IMHO, internal brace is a good option if you're just looking to milk a year or two more of a career out. If a kid has years left to play or potentially pro future ahead, TJ may be the better option.

My high school 2023 will be getting this surgery in about 2 weeks when playoffs wrap up. He will be DHing through remainder of season. Needless to say we had a full summer calendar of camps, travel ball and recruiting trips that will not be happening. If anyone has any tips on high academic recruiting while injured during this important summer, it would be appreciated. All options on the table at this point (PG year, attempt to get recruited as a 2023 and hit this fall at fall events, apply to schools and walk on). 1540 SAT, AP/honors, 3B/1B power hitter, had been talking to a number of schools before this happened. He's not a pitcher but had a history of GIRD which most likely led to mechanics slightly off that materialized in the elbow. Head Phillies team physician doing the surgery, friends with Dugas so sent my son's MRI to him, confirmed he is a good candidate vs Tommy John.

My high school 2023 will be getting this surgery in about 2 weeks when playoffs wrap up. He will be DHing through remainder of season.

Does he throw and hit right-handed? I've seen lots of kids with elbow issues hit fine as long as the throw and hit the same side.

Does your son have a list of schools that he's interested in? Check for camps at those schools in the fall. IMO, that will be his best chance of getting real interest. Even if his throwing isn't 100%, he could be hitting and fielding by then, and that will go a long way with those coaches.

The latest Headfirst baseball camp listed on their website is 9/17-18 in FL. Ask the surgeon if that's a possibility. Best of luck to your son.

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