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My son will be attending the upcoming Area Code tryouts on Monday and I was wondering if anyone who has been thru this process the do's and don'ts of what to do and also does anyone know when we would hear something back about making or not making the team. New to the process and would like to put our best foot forward. I appreciate any help.
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I know in California, that they will let you know about the next round of tryouts once the first one is done, instantly. Basically, if you are a pitcher, and when you get done pitching, they call you over and say either "thanks for coming out", or "we will see you at the next round of tryouts". At least that is what I was told by players who tried out last year in Cali.

Hopefully, I will answer your question, since the Area Code games were created in 1987 with only 6 California teams. I copied the idea from the Nike Basketball Camps.

The pro scouts select the players for the tryouts and games. Each ML Scout/Area GM will operate his tryout with his own formula.
The tryout is similar to a pro tryout and notification maybe 30 days later to only the selected players.

The end result is the same. Find players with "tools" and invite the best 25 players to Long Beach.

Since I am no longer involved with the Area Code games, I can observe the current trends of parents, players, college coaches and pro scouts from the "Press Box".

The Goodwill Series [1983-2006] with Australia and Japan National Teams now requires my total focus on player selection.

Our American Team of 18 players, ages 16-18
need to be prepared to play the "best" players in the World.

This series is truly a "World Cup" of High School baseball. Pro scouts will again help us select the American Team.

Our tour to Japan next June is confirmed. Our team will play in High School Baseball Stadiums seating 20,000 people.

Thank you for posting your questions.

Bob Williams
Your son should be ready to play his absolute best. This might sound redundant but if he's a pitcher, he shouldn't be pitching any games this weekend. If he's a position player, practice fielding & do BP all weekend. If you have to travel to the tryouts make sure he gets enough rest the night before and/or isn't stiff from riding in the car for hours just before the tryouts start. He needs to be at his very best, trust me, been there done that.

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