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@Dadbelly2023 gave a report following the Jr Fall Classic, I thought I would add my 2cents worth following the Sr Fall Classic. I can corroborate some of what he saw and saw the complete opposite for others.

1) The event was well attended by ALL levels.  Historically west coast heavy (especially CA) I can say I spotted almost every UC, CSU and midsized CA private, most of the SCIAC was there, lots of D3's from WA/OR (would say most of them) as well as a fair number from midwest and a few from eastern seaboard, surprisingly two of the academies, and quite a few JUCOs.  I don't have the best eyesight for things in the distance so a lot of them went unidentified, this mom needs LARGE logos on shirts.   There were at least 60 coaches/scouts at the Academic Tryout, a few coaches apparently came just for that and went back to CA. And there were some new faces at the games that were not spotted at the tryout.

2) As Dadbelly had pointed out: 99% of them were camped out at the pitching tryout. However, around 10:30 about half of them disappeared, seemed like mostly D1s. My hypothesis: IMG had flown out to participate in the tournament and were playing at the other half of the Padres/Mariners complex.  I felt bad for the kids who went after this, especially those throwing upper 80's-low 90's, this could have been their shot.  Keep in mind these kids all have to be uncommitted to participate, so while some may have been on radars, they are all still waiting for someone to "put a ring on it".  Still lots of talent out there, but it also seemed like coaches were actively recruiting at all levels. The "dudes" are gone and now if a kid throws 90, there is something about him that doesn't check all the boxes.  The kid who earned the starting pitcher spot for the Academic game throws over 90, has pretty good control and great secondary pitches- he's also 5'8 or 9.  Other kid also threw 90, but was rough. But there were also some in the upper 80's who checked a lot of boxes (tall, long levers, athletic moving) except that one important "90" box.  At the tryout, when I noticed the crowd had thinned out significantly, I did a quick sweep to see if they had all gone to watch outfield and infield tryout, fewer than a half dozen between both fields.  I concur with Dadbelly, getting noticed at the tryout for a position player is HARD. Better chance if you make the game I guess.

3) The coaches there watched a LOT of games over 3 days.  Most of the games we walked by  had quite a few coaches.  And they seemed a little less relaxed than they had in previous tournaments. I guess they feel the crunch like us 22's right about now. Coverage was good throughout, not the hit or miss we had at PG National Championships a couple months before.

Lefty did not do well at the tryout but pitched well in his game later in the weekend.  Has a dozen texts or emails asking for calls.  Which is great but definitely schools that wouldn't have asked 5 months ago.  Is this what it's like at the club after all the hot girls leave and the bar is about the close ? (also, there were a TON of Lefty's at the academic tryout.  Most of them in the 78-83 range. Never felt like my kid was a dime a dozen before, but def plenty of them to go around)

Feel free to disagree with any of my observations.

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Hi. I am the parent of the kid who earned the starting pitcher spot in the Academic game. You are correct, he did throw 90 in the tryout, but incorrect on his stats. He is 6'4. He is a 2022, very late bloomer. He also was in the later groups so we were concerned he may not have been seen but that was not the case. He was contacted by several schools after the event, D1, D2 and D3's.  He committed to a D1 this past week that he is thrilled with. The school he chose was not one of the schools that attended the AZ fall classic. It was a school who had seen him this past summer and he had visited prior to the AZ classic and had been in communication with. Best of luck to you and your senior as well.

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