so I got some good advice in my last post but I'm back to my old ways. Having a lot of trouble being late on pitches I shouldn't be late on, and not pulling the bull with any authority. I posted a clip of my usual swing from the side plus a whole round of bp (im as sorry for the poor throwing as much as you are lol). Wondering if I'm too close to the plate, is there an issue with my hands, am I starting to late (although starting earlier feels very awkward) or anything else you guys might notice.  Thanks. 


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First thing that jumps out at me is that you're not clearing your hips.  Very obvious in the side shot and the BP round.  Hips have barely begun to open up at contact.  From the one side video, it appears that you're also almost completely balanced at contact between front and backside, probably a symptom of not clearing your hips.  Weight should be more on backside with hips fully turned.

1. You're starting your motion a bit late, try taking the first few pitches and time your hands and load to his motion.  When he starts you get started, just try to get in rhythm with the pitcher. 

2. Your upper body and lower half are opening at about the same time limiting your ability to get separation and torque.   A very correctable sequencing issue..... Justin Stone talks about this in the video below:

Good luck...

So not to disagree, because the hips being lazy would explain the inability to pull or get around on a fastball, but I don't FEEL like my hips are the issue and if i freeze frame at contact I think it looks good. 

I don't believe being on the back leg at contact is good personally because you rotate more efficiently with weight distributed evenenly and you should hit against the front side, but that's just my opinion.

Maybe you could persuade me? Do you think I need to open up earlier, or just turn harder?  


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first of all I'll admit that I'm not a coach, just a dad- but when my son has had similar struggles, it's because he was waiting too long to load- then trying to catch up quickly.   looking at your film, that may be a possibility.  The way he addresses it is to start loading hands and upper body earlier-   a cue would be to start as the pitcher's knee reaches the top of the windup- then slowly coil, and then release to swing.    the audible cue his coach uses is, as funny as this sounds "kapow"    It should be a  "Kaaaaaapow" not a "kapow".     gradual load/or coil, then a quick release. 

don't know if this helps or not- but there it is.    I hope that nothing I have said will be held against me if it doesn't work!



All I know is that some of the greatest hitters and hitting coaches say the same thing.  "A hitter's front heel must be on the ground by the time the ball is half way to the plate."  It looks to me as though you are quite late in that regard.

Verndawg24 posted:

 I'm back to my old ways. Having a lot of trouble being late on pitches I shouldn't be late on, and not pulling the bull with any authority. . 


Or, approach?

In the near future,  make sure you're totally commited (dead red) to fastball a few times when you're not behind in the count.

If you're late despite being 100% dead red,  then your recent trouble might be mechanics.

If you're on time,  your recent trouble is probably approach.  (For instance, not enough dedication to capitalizing on fastballs in fastball counts.)

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