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Tonight my team had runners on first and third.  Pitcher comes set and lifts but goes to third.  Before he disengages the rubber he pump fakes a throw to third and kinda stands there for a second before he loses contact with the rubber.  Field ump called balk and plate ump talked him out of it.

My argument that it was a balk because he didn't disengage the rubber with the pump fake.  Because in the classic third / first pick move before arm action in the fake to third the pitcher disengages on the pick.

So what's the story?  I've been out of baseball for 5 years so I'm a little rusty in my rules

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Matt13 posted:

HS and NCAA rules, this is nothing. There is no requirement to disengage the rubber on a throw or feint unless the pitcher throws or feints to another base.

OBR has this as a balk for feinting to third.

Thanks Matt - good to see I'm a little more rusty than I thought LOL.

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