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I think that may have been their way of saying no, but please stay and pay for the B team. I highly doubt that 4 mph is what kept the coach from saying no. 

As for how you get it up. Hit the gym. If he's not developed enough for that. Pushups, pull-ups, sit ups, etc. There are baseball specific exercises that others can probably give better info on, but in general just get stronger. 

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I would talk and work with a reputable hitting instructor.  Hitting the gym is a definite plus but power is also generated by the lower half of the body, legs, hips, weight transfer, and such.  Timing is everything, get things lined up correctly, correct swing path, and results will be seen.  I also don't disagree with what PABaseball said above.

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Hello all, 

My son (2021) has been told by a top showcase team in our area that his “barrel to ball skills are solid”, but he needs to add 4-5 mph to his ball exit speed off a tee to play with their top do we go about increasing this number?

Exit speed is a product of bat speed.  Move the bat faster.  Means getting a bat that swings lighter/faster and/or getting stronger to make the bat move faster.  Could mean altering the swing to get more torq and power behind the swing.  But, the quickest (cheat) way would be to get a bat that swings easier, lighter, faster.  Maybe a Velo or Solo.  Something balanced.  Maybe even drop in size.  Hey, he just needs to get the extra MPH off a tee, right?  Do what you need to do to make those numbers show up on the register.  Then, in the games, go back to the bat that you want to use.

For a $1.98 you can find a used car tire, hang the tire from a tree, find a old wood bat and swing away. Take 5 swings thru the tire and step back and take 5 swings and listen for bat speed.

Swing a 40 ounce bat every day in front of the mirror.

"Self teaching" is the goal. When you are at the plate facing the pitcher, "NO ONE" can help you. Make your own adjustments.

What is your goal as a hitter???




There are all sorts of bat speed systems made by "experts" who "work" in all sorts of buzzword jobs. They promote these bats acting as though there is some revolutionary technology in their product. There isn't. The concept is simple; a load up to 20% heavier than your game bat, and a load up to 20% lighter than your game bat. This can be accomplished on your own for less than 5 dollars. Take an old sock and fill it with pennies to equal the desired weight, and tape it to the mid section of a bat. Do the same, and tape it to a lighter youth bat so that it is no more than 20% lighter than your game bat. You just saved yourself several hundred bucks.

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