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Five best prospects according to Baseball America in 1990:

1. Steve Avery, lhp, Braves. One of my all-time favorite pitchers (I was a Braves bandwagoneer in the early '90s) despite the lingering sense of What Might Have Been.

2. Ben McDonald, rhp, Orioles. The evolution of the phenom: McDonald, Prior, Strasburg.

3. John Olerud, 1b/lhp, Blue Jays. As far as I know, he's still sitting on the Sox bench wearing his trust all-purpose safety helmet and patiently waiting for Tito to give him some of Millar's at-bats.

4. Juan Gonzalez, of, Rangers. 434 homers, two AL MVP awards, and yet in a certain way, a waste of talent.

5. Sandy Alomar Jr., c, Indians. Still can't believe his career lasted longer than his brother's. More proof that the tools of ignorance are actually the tools to longevity.

- From (Boston Globe)

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Avery and McDonald were well on their way to being a very good pitchers but encountered arm issues which shortened their careers. They had the talent to #1 and #2 overall.

Gonzalez certainly had the best career of the bunch. Possible HOF career.

Olerud had a nice swing but firstbaseman w/o power.

Sandy Alomar was a complete catcher that injuries affected his ability to put up the offensive numbers that he could have put up. Yet he was able to play through them. Didn't have as good of a career as Pudge but was one of the top catchers in the AL in the '90s.

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