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Invites are starting to roll out for the player evaluation camps. Just wondering if anybody has feedback about their or their son's experience at the camps? This will be my son's first time attending, and I want to get a feel for what they will do and how the camps are run. Any insight is greatly appreciated. 

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2016 son did this summer before last. Straightforward format. Sort of what I have heard referred to as a standard "pro-style workout":

1. Warm ups and catch

2. 30/60's for time (one run) with a watch at 30 and another at 60.


Then break into groups and:

1.  standard OF test while IF does SPARQ, then switch

2.  standard IF test while OF does SPARQ


Then BP, three sets of seven swings, then Pitchers throw pen for velo, etc.




After lunch simulated game switching pitchers every 20 pitches or five batters. BBNW guys very attentive to each boy with clipboards the whole time.  We did one of the later PECs at Tacoma CC in late July (was the only one that didn't conflict with travel/club schedule) and got an invite to play for one of teams in the NW Championships in Centralia within a few weeks. Couldn't do it because we went to PG World Series in Fort Myers at the same time. Got an email to join the one of the two 2016 teams in the Arizona Fall Junior Classic the following summer and did that in October.


Recommend the experience as the workout is largely what he'll do at every camp or tryout he attends from here on out. The Centralia tournament is recruited fairly well and is good for rising seniors in particular, although it also a good way for younger pitchers to get seen in their tournament as well.


That said, BBNW is not the only travel opportunity in the NW and I urge you to consider Team Northwest, and others too.

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Thank you! I was looking at Team Northwest, but their website and Facebook pages haven't been updated since 2014. I've also looked at NW Elite Baseball (I think that's name). It's challenging because most of the teams are based out of the Washington and we are in Oregon. There are very few great teams around here that rise to the level we are looking for, unless there are some that I am unaware of.


Thanks so much for the info.

Mike Brooks runs Team Northwest. Loads of Oregon kids travel with TNW, although no doubt it's a haul to Puyallup. You can find out about TNW travel opportunities by emailing Mike.  He always brings in top-notch guys to coach the younger travel teams and they do well nationally. His new site is here:



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