Baseball pants to practice

I can tell you that our HS coach and his assistant wore baseball pants every practice that I was ever at.  I don't think I'd have a problem with it either way, I honestly think it's pretty silly that the coaches are required to wear a uniform during games in HS....but rules are rules.  I'd have no problem with guys wearing a golf shirt and a decent pair of khakis or shorts if they want to.  You don't see football coaches required to wear jerseys or basketball coaches out there in a tank top and shorts right?


Yeah, this actually can be a thing.  I tend to think along the lines of Buckeye in that it makes no sense to dress in baseball pants as a coach.  Our fed also requires it for games so, of course, I complied there.  At practice, i'm in sweats but always in proper team attire and hat as were my assistants.  What was important to me was that we wore something practical to actively coach in while clearly wearing team gear and having consistency with our guidelines as a staff. 

I had an old school assistant for the last several years who was a previous HC and AD at other schools.  He came in baseball pants (and polished shoes) every day.  I get what was behind the thought process.  It was never brought up as an issue with the players.  There was never a doubt that we both were all in and were on the same page minus that one exception.

I've seen it both ways in our area.  More don't wear bb pants than do.  I don't see any pattern of separation with the more successful teams.

All depends on the weather. Cold = sweats. Cool-ish = baseball pants. Warm = shorts. 

My legs being bare or not haven't affected my ability (or inability depending who you ask) to coach yet.

Now in games I'm always in pants and most often a jersey. Some days BP top.


When I was HC, we never wore baseball pants because I think it is ridiculous that coaches have to wear them (I know the way it has always been).  It is the only sport where coaches have to wear what players wear so change it.  We always wore team shirts and caps which I required of all my players and shorts or workout pants of some kind. 

I want them to wear shorts and nice shirts or pullovers or nice workout pants.  No reason to wear baseball pants.  They are not playing and I will agree.  It looks dumber than the options.  It would be like a basketball coach having to wear a uniform or a football coach having to wear a helmet and uniform.  Makes no sense.  I had an umpire want to see my jersey one game because I had on a short sleeved batting jacket.  I laughed and walked away.  It came back later when he didn't know infield fly rule.  My comment, "So you know the rule on jerseys but don't know infield fly rule.  Glad they gave you a patch."  I also questioned him having an ASA ball bag which was blue when high school in our state required umpires to wear black.  I black balled him after that game. 

Baseball pants for my team and the coaching staff.  When it warms up some and we have made it through certain portions of practice, once in a while I let them take the pants off.  I can't speak for others but in my practices, players are running and sliding throughout the practice.  For example, I threw BP off of the rubber.  After you have hit, you join a very small (approximately 3) players who are at 1st working on reading my move either to the base or plate and breaking.  The hitter is hitting.  Then, we go live.  I throw it like a real game and we have a catcher.  When we go live, we have players stop fielding drills at their positions and play live.  I expect that player to try to steal if I give them the sign and I expect for them to slide if they have to.  On hit and runs, I expect that player at 1st to break on the pitch and play it live.  

There are a few former major league and minor league players around here who coach. None of them show up to practice in BB pants. They are dressed in sweats, usually, and are ready to go to work hitting fungo's, throwing BP, or whatever. Most wear cleats...depends on the venue and the type of practice they are running.

    Another guy I coached with who had a Milb career would show up in hilarious stuff...sandals, pink shirts...the works. Man, he could hit fungos, though, and knew more about baseball than I ever will.

   Wearing BB pants to practice is fine. Not wearing BB pants to practice is fine. Not important. 

My rule is for my guys that we are in pants unless I say otherwise.  Occasionally we will have a light day - maybe just BP - where we get out a little earlier than normal and they can wear shorts.  Other than that we are going all out in practice.

Coaches can wear whatever to practice.  Normally I wear shorts and a pullover / hoodie for practice.  My coaches will wear sweatpants.  If what we wear affects how my guys play or respect the game then we have bigger issues.  Now if somebody else wants to wear the uniform to practice that's fine.  I have no problem with it because you do you.

I coached softball one year and wore khaki pants / shorts or gym shorts with a hoodie / pullover during games.  It was without a doubt the weirdest feeling in the world.  I didn't like it.  

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