I got to say -- this all really sucks.  Yes, there are much bigger things in life than baseball happening right now... but that doesn't mean that we can't say this sucks.   It sucks for the kids that aren't going to get to make the trip to Cooperstown for little league.  It sucks for the kids in their last year of little league that dreamed of playing in the World Series.  It sucks for the high school players that were never going to get to play at the next level being forced against their will to hang up their cleats before they were ready.  It sucks for the players in programs that have cancelled baseball all together.   It sucks for the college seniors that saw their careers come to an abrupt halt.  It sucks for the Milb players that saw their teams fold.  This just sucks.

First my kid had his spring season cut short.  Then he got a call from his summer ball coach in the Northwoods that his temporary spot had evaporated due to the closing of the Cape and better players becoming available.  So he scrambled and found a spot in the MINK league, which first postponed the start of the season and now -- today -- canceled the entire season.  That sucks.

So what does he do?  Heads down to the garage to lift using his homemade concrete weights and home built squat rack (he wanted to build it since he needed a project to fill his time) and then heads over to his plyowall setup to throw.   Couldn't be more proud.

Frankly-- the resiliency all of our players everywhere are showing throughout all of this should be applauded.  As adults -- we are used to disappointments and bouncing back.  But our kids are not -- not like this.   I have always felt that baseball was a metaphor for life -- never has that been more true than today.

I don't know why I felt like venting  -- but let me close by giving a shout out to every player. everywhere for their enduring spirit.  




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Everyone has different reasons that make their lives worth living.  I am not here to judge anyone's reasons.  My heart goes out to everyone we've lost due to this but equally to those who've lost their most precious reasons that make their lives worth living.  For those who've lost whatever it is that makes THEIR particular lives beautiful.  Death doesn't have a monopoly on what can devastate and destroy people.  May your son keep his chin up and find the things in life most important to him as soon as possible.


My kids built his own squat rack thing too — it was like when he was little and came in begging to build a fort.

Mine is considering if his summer team doesn't play that he might try to put together a town team and look for some competition around the area. I don't know how feasible it is for him, or yours? But maybe?

A few days after my daughter (first child) was born I was walking across the First Interstate parking lot in Redondo Beach. I saw a mother with a little girl with knee braces and crutches. I started crying. Whenever I see a kid in a wheelchair I think, “That’s not fair.” Everything else is just sucking it up and getting past the obstacle 

Great post, and the sad thing is, this will be more than just a 2020 impact on baseball and those that play it.  Particularly for this forum, which is filled with parents/kids dreaming of college baseball, the damage is irreparable.  I feel bad for those still trying to get there--it won't be the same if they do make it.

More and more colleges are going to cut baseball and other sports as they struggle with the massive financial hit from the lockdowns.  Heck, forget sports, more and more colleges are going to fold permanently.  The more schools have demonstrated learning can occur offsite, the more they raise the necessity of their campus existence.  I am not saying it is the most effective way to learn, but given the exorbitant cost of college, who can blame kids for saying no thanks to in person college.

I don't know what the final decision will be on MLB, but the change in the draft and the drastic changes in the minors also makes professional baseball less of a possibility as well.  

Yes, there are bigger issues than what has happened to baseball and sports, but anything that makes life have less interest and meaning to so many is devastating.

Just on one point, Backstop, and briefly because my phone typing stinks: money is an  important part of the equation for sure, but my college Jr and his friends all  HATE remote learning, and want no more of it. He says he learned nothing during the remote part of the semester (take that with some salt) and more importantly he really missed the social aspect of school. If there are no red cups and kegs to be enjoyed on Saturday nights next year, he and his  friends do not want to be there.  

Good post. It's more than OK to say this sucks. And it sucks most because it never should have happened. I still hold out hope soon that the people being affected indirectly from this will take more action and vocalize, thus restarting this whole baseball thing sooner than later. If not I fear nothing will change even into next spring. 

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