Great documentary about Bing Russell (Kurt's father) and his independent Class A team in the 70's. On Netflix.


Like watching my youth all over again. Wow.

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Saw it last night.  


Incredible story.


Left me wondering why Kurt Russell went with a documentary style film instead of a feature film "based on a true story".  It seems like it would have a big hit.



I went to many Maverick games when I was in high school. Totally fun, zany, Bill Veeck type environment.


as for why a documentary rather than a Hollywood movie: the movie is coming. The documentary got rave reviews at the recent film fests, and the movie rights were snapped up. 

I am bumping this.  I had not heard about the documentary until my brother made me aware of it about a week ago.  It is showing on Netflix now and I highly recommend.  

I watched this a few years ago with my oldest son.  Very entertaining!  My oldest son had met one of the former Portland players (Rob Nelson) who is also an alum and benefactor to the baseball program at his University.    He had come up with the idea of Big League Chew while playing for Portland.   His college baseball supply room had a life time supply of Big League Chew.  

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