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Hi, I'm hoping someone with a Baum bat can help. My son just received a AAA Pro model off of ebay, and while I realize it is a composite bat, it feels like it's plastic to me. The bat itself is not smooth, lots of tiny, tiny little bumps on it. Also the very top of the bat (end cap?) is not smooth at all as there are two large pimple size bumps in the end cap area. Is this normal for this bat or should the end cap area be smooth like a wood bat?

Also, he is new to wood bats/composite wood bats this year, so I am not familiar with a lot of the bats that are out there.

I'm wondering because the other composite bats we have is smooth and feels like wood. Thanks for any help.
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You might have gotten a not perfect one. I got a couple for my team about two years ago and loved them. We used them in practice and still have them but ours were just like wood bats - except they did have that plastic / fiberglass look to them.

Call them up and see what they have to say. I say don't give up on them because I am a believer in them but that's just me.

If you bought the bat off of eBay, there is always a chance that the seller is selling "second quality" bats without mentioning that fact. There are honest sellers on eBay, and some who are not so honest. (I have bought and sold on eBay in the past, and have had good and bad experiences.)

Good ideas to check with the Baum Bat company to ask about the outside surface of the bat.

Let us know what you learn...

Thanks for your replies. I did have a feeling it was a blem or defected bat when I first saw it. It's just a very odd bat with these "pimples" on it. I already decided I'm going to return it because I could imagine my son's coaches and teammates' reactions when they see it and I don't want him to be embarrassed. Fortunately, the person who sold it gives a 100% satisfaction guarantee and had a great rating, so they will take the return. I also will e-mail Baum and ask them about the surface of the bat. If they reply, I'll let you know what they say. Thanks again for your help.
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If you want a wood bat that you can depend on every time you go to the plate no mater who the pitcher is, how fast he throws, what junk he tries to slip past you, then the Baum bat and the MacDougall Powerwood are the ones to arm yourself with. They just don't break. They have the warranty to back them up and baseball players that use them have higher On Base Average, More Base Hits, Home Runs, and RBI's. Used by Adult, High School, and College Baseball Players here in the Northwest Independent Baseball League, the USA. Sold in Europe, Australia, Japan and Latin America.
These bats have more pop and get more hits than BBCOR.50 Metal Bats when used by properly coached players.
So the next time you step up to the plate....

Improved Baum bats 2011 and BBCOR.%0
My son has used one for 4 years and his finally broke and I just got him a new one last month. I looked on the Internet for quite a while and found that these guys had the best price. He has it and seems happy with it.

I will say they are a little odd looking; they are a composite layer over foam with a thin veneer of wood over this. They are virtually indestructible and have good pop and balance. My son’s got fatigue cracks in the handle and finally broke but this was after nearly 4 years and he probably hit in the cage almost every day or every other day, plus he used it every summer and fall in games.

Just looked same guys above....
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