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My deepest sympathy! I lost both of my parents last year and know how bad it hurts. But you will have some great memories to help you through the tough times.

Your dad was a great man and a great baseball man. And the very fact that you shared this with everyone this morning speaks volumes about you as well.

As an 8-year veteran to the baseball Internet, I will say that I respected your dad more than any other poster.

Best wishes to you and your family. It just takes time.

Your Dad was a big help to me. I too am in shock and would like for you to know that my family will be praying for your family.
Dmac, made no bones about "not caring" much for softball, YET, always took the time to comment on clips of my daughter that I sent to him.

He was a "Giver" in every sense of the word...

Bbscout: Is this heaven?
Gabreil: No its Kansas…..just kidding bbscout, ……your scout pass works here at the pearly gates.
Bbscout: Sweet…thanks Gabs!
Gabriel: No problem, the bells have been ringing for hours…so you have already earned your wings. Go to the press box and pick out a pair.
Bbscout: Thanks Gabs….eh…where God?
Gabriel: Last I saw him; he was down in the bullpen.
Bbscout: Perfect....

Bbscout gets his wings and heads down to the home bullpen

God: Bbscout, nice to see you again.
Bbscout: Again?
God: Bbscout, you have been talking to me everyday, in the car, in the stands, all the time, I’ve always been with you.
Bbscout: Oh….
God: By the way…I can do without the, “God **** it, can’t he throw a strike?”
Bbscout: Sorry, I didn’t know you were listening.
God: You did say my name, but that’s ok, I forgive you.
God: Is there anything you want to ask me?
Bbscout: Well, I would like to know the definitive answer on pitching mechanics….
God: We are going to be here a while…..
Bbscout: Also, let’s see if we can work on the elbow, a lot of kids hurt their elbow….
God: Casey Stingle is already working on that with Cy Young and Dizzy Dean…the problem is that I can’t always understand what Casey is saying.
Bbscout: This is heaven……….
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My deepest condolences to you and your family and to us the HSBBW who will miss his contributions.....

I will not pretend to offer you any advice on how to deal with this loss........22 years have come and gone since my own father left us and I still wonder when I will ever get beyond it.....

but I am with him, and he with all those things we I urge you wrap yourself in those ties that bind.

In my daily devotions I will remember your father....while I struggle with the greater will.

My hearfelt sympathies....


May God carry you Doug to the place where we can all meet again and help prepare for us a paradise where we can fulfill all our dreams.

My thoughts, prayers and deepest condolences to this great family.

Until we meet again my friend, I care very deeply for you and I am very saddened that we did not get to meet here on Earth.

I will see you again though, when all is prepared and He returns for "all" His children, which may be sooner than later, even though no man knows the day.

Hope God allows you to see me now BB....crying over my keyboard.... to know that Shep really does care BB....good night board peace

Praise God for the gift of your father! For without him, many lives would go untouched.

He was one of the good guys, always available for an honest, helpful opinion. He will be sorely missed.

Many on this site will be able to recant enumerable posts of helpful advice due to his selflessness, and you'll be able to carry on his legacy as well.

God bless you and your family.

RIP bbscout. angel
When my own father died, I imagined that scene from "Field of Dreams" when the players step out of the cornfield and on to the baseball field... the thought of passing through one life and into another was a comfort to me. I hope that reading all the words of rememberance and gratitude on this thread will bring you similar comfort. Your dad was obviously a man who touched many lives and as the saying goes "It's not what you take with you that matters, but what you leave behind". God bless you and your family.

i’m sorry for your family’s loss. at the expense of sounding selfish, i’m sorry for baseball’s loss.
dagos and micks aren’t supposed to get along, and one of your dad’s and my first encounters on a discussion forum resulted in us (me at least) calling each other out.
i’m glad it happened, we became friends (internet friends), and i learned a lot (a real lot) of baseball.
although i never met him, i will never forget him.

ray porco
Originally posted by deemax:
Many of you know bbscout the thread poster, scout, baseball man, and friend... I simply know him as Dad. My Dad passed away last night in his sleep. He loved his family, friends, career, and this website.
A sad day for baseball here on earth but a great addition to heavens roster. My thoughts go out to the McMillan family.
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Originally posted by deemax:
Many of you know bbscout the thread poster, scout, baseball man, and friend... I simply know him as Dad. My Dad passed away last night in his sleep. He loved his family, friends, career, and this website.

Demax, Dale, Brett,
As you know first hand your father made friends everywhere he went, but nothing was more important than his family. We first met Doug in Oregon at the Area Code Tryout with our son, he was warm, friendly, great communication skills, organized and when the tryout was over he personally called our son and welcomed him to the WA Nationals Area Code Team. We saved the message for weeks. When we arrived in Long Beach, he spent such quality time with the players and always postive, helpful and full of great advice. What I liked was his ablity to treat everyone with such respect, not just the best players but the team as a whole.
When we spoke he ALWAYS brought the conversation around to how much he loved his family and about what he and his wife did with the grandchildren, about how education was so important to him for his children. Brett at UCLA. Our family is thankful we met Doug, and sad about his passing.
The Richardson's

Your father touched so many people: faceless people like me who read his words and took his advice forward to others. I can't even count the number of times I would start a sentence with.."I read on the HSBBW..." and shared something your dad had written.

I hope that you can find some comfort in the knowledge that he left a tremendous legacy.

You and your family are in our prayers.
I was shocked when Gloveman text messaged me yesterday and gave me the news. I am currently out of town and touch.

Doug will be sorely missed. I will miss his advice and voice of reason. He was always quick to answer a call or pm and his advice was important to me and others. He did what he loved for a living and he was proud of his family and one of the good guys. Rest in peace.

Condolences to the family from the Rideners. He will be remembered

Eric Ridener
Heartfelt condolences to you and your family. Your father was one of the most respected baseball folks out here on the 'net that I've ever encountered. He was always so helpful to anyone, including PMs, emails, etc.. And unlike many, he always seemed to get his points in w/o belittling other posters. He was truly above that nonsense.

A couple years ago, I even spent some time on the phone w/ him, helping teach him how to post video clips to his webspace, and he was always sincerely grateful for that.

He often would bop into the threads I'd post of my son's (now 12YO) swing. Mostly he'd just say, "Mike, his swing mechanics are well within the guard rails to succeed... just keep throwing him BP and let him get bigger and stronger and he'll be fine". Smile He certainly wasn't one to microanalyze the swing, and having played and scouted at the level he did, as well as the success his sons have had in baseball, I'd like to think he was truly onto something that a lot of us get lost in - keep it simple.

Even though I never met him in person, several times today since I learned of this, he has popped into my head. What a great loss of a great man.

I'm sure he's watching down on his grand kids and the rest of his family. Long live your proud memories.

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I am in Hagerstown, Md waching my son Marcos to play this weekend. Although, I noted that the first baseman of his team last name is Mcmillan, I didn't figured that he is your brother Brett. When Marcos told me that the first baseman was home attending his father funeral was when I learned that bbscout's son was my son team mate.
Please extend my condolences to Brett. What a great coincidence, if Shane that was recently signed by the National is asigned to Hagerstown, will be three related HSBASEBALLWEB members playing for the same team in the minorleagues.

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