As a sporadic poster, I’ve just learned of this news and I’m simply stunned. I traded occasional posts with your father on this and other sites and he was the rarest combination: A straight shooter from the old school with a mind open to everything new and promising. He cut all intellectual bs down to size and I loved him for it.

I hope you gain some measure of comfort from the story that this thread tells – your father was truly loved and his contributions cherished. He was the definition of a baseball man.
I am so sorry to hear of the passing of your father. He seemed like a truly wonderful person. I really respected and appreciated his opinions and thoughts. We will all miss him. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
I check in here now and then and was very saddened to hear about your father. He was always a very helpful and classy poster who shared a lot with all of us. He will be missed, so sorry for your loss.
Wow....I'm terribly sorry to hear about your father Deemax. He was a good man who always had time to answer a question.
I was just speaking to a couple of area scouts here in Phoenix about him last week.
My thoughts and pryers are with you and your family.
I would like to send my prayers and condelences to Dougs family. Doug was a class act, and he will be missed.

Deemax...I am just hearing the news of your father's passing. My heart goes out to you and your family. I knew your Dad only through this website. But he and I became good friends. During several discussions on this website about some pretty sensitive issues, your father would send me a private message and share things with me regarding his personal beliefs and values that he would prefer not to share on a public message board. He was a man of integrity. I was honored that he felt comfortable enough to talk to me. He will be sorely missed. May his soul rest in peace and may the peace of God be with him.
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Nats Dedicate Draft To McMillan
Posted Jun. 7, 2007 6:42 pm by Chris Kline
Filed under: Draft Day: June 7

From BA’s Washington correspondent Lacy Lusk:

National crosschecker Chuck LaMar said the club’s draft was dedicated to scout Doug McMillan, who died May 23 of natural causes at age 60, according to reports. McMillan, who scouted the Pacific Northwest and Northern California, worked for the organization for six years. His son Brett is a first baseman at low Class A Hagerstown.

With heartfelt sadness of the news about "bbscout", your dad, , their are several websters on the hsbbweb that have earned the utmost respect through the years and bbscout is at "the top" of that list.

Good, friendly advice attracts so many and the mannerisms in which your dad responded in his posts to our websters set a high standard far, far above what the creator of the hsbbweb, Bob Howdeshell, wished us all to address one another in this tone.

deemax, maybe you have noticed the signature on the bottom of my posts. Well, let me tell you, it was your dad and other websters on this wonderful site that caused me to sign my posts in this manner.

Learning day by day on the hsbbweb...

God bless your father, family and friends and may bbscout rest in peace.
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Wow I am just stunned. I came by to see what was happening in the draft and saw this sad news.

Deemax - I can't tell you how wonderful your dad was to me and my son as we navigated through the HS and college world of baseball. He always had time for any question and was always willing to go out of his way.

Your dad and your family are in my prayers.
Thinking of bbscout on a pair of days in which he was instrumental in impacting so many lives on.

You're remembered.
It was these two days of the draft that brought me back to the hsbaseballweb, I was so stunned to read about your dad. I feel like I've lost a wonderful friend and I never met your dad but he was generous and thoughtful with his advice and patient with all of us who were navigating unchartered waters. God called him home and it is much too soon. My family will keep your family in our prayers as you go through this most difficult time. Thank you for sharing your dad with us.
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Julie - I just saw the tribute caption you put up to bbscout under the Going Pro heading. Wonderful thoughts and ideas that honors him well.

Everyday when I log on, I look for his screen name to appear and sadly we'll never see it again. It was comforting in knowing we had someone like that as one of our members.

deemax and beemax - your Dad will always be fondly remembered. Someday, you will see him again.
I haven't been on this site in a while and stumbled across this thread.

My deep condolences. I did not know your father but chatted with him on this site many times.

Always enjoyable discussions.

Thoughts and prayers are with you and your Family.
very sorry to hear that, he has helped me out a ton since i joined the board and has always given me great input throughout my time here, i give my condolences and god bless!
Although I have only been a member here for a short while I have read a lot of your father's posts and I can tell that he is a very nice and sincere man and that he had a great passion for baseball and helping people. I am really sorry for your loss
Although we never met in person, we shared many laughs together on this message board and through emails. He will be missed, but not forgotten.
Deemax, I was also shocked and deeply saddened by your loss, our loss. Your dad was kind enough to respond privately to my naive questions, with a professionaly caring demeanor; the baseball questions too embarrasing to ask publicly. He unselfishly benefited folks with the wisdom only gained from living "the life".

I was out of town watching college baseball and off-line when he passed away and several days following. Please accept our belated, but sincerest condolences. We miss you Doug.

The Glasses
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I've obviously been away for awhile. I spent a good while till i found this thread.

Some believe each time a loved one who's passed is mentioned or thought of fondly it gives them a little something wherever they are.

Your Dad was class in everything he said and the way he handled it...his opinion and advice were golden
I've been thinking about our beloved member bbscout who passed away so suddenly one year ago this past week. I'm sure many other members think of him often also.

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Julie ...

Funny (not ha ha funny) you should make this post ... I was thinking of Doug just the other day, not realizing it has been a year since he passed. There have been several times in the past few weeks where I have felt like saying "Where is bbscout when we need him ???" Always a man of integrity who was not afraid to speak his mind and offer his opinions and valuable advice. Didn't always agree with him, but loved his delivery and his knowledge of the game. It was my great honor to have had the chance to meet him when AJ was in college ... he was always a ray of sunshine, even if he were witnessing a not-so-sunny outing for my son.

I know Doug's family must miss him immensely and I only hope they can take some solace in knowing how much he was loved.

Mary Ann
Thanks for bringing this topic back to the front. Doug is greatly missed by many, many folks and is remembered well.

This weekend my son and I drove south to San Diego for Goodwill Series tryout. This was an 8 hour drive each way from Sonoma County.
During the drive my son, Robert a SSK MLB promotions manager, talked about delivering SSK bats to Dustin Pedroia *Red Sox].

This provided memories of Doug, our Area Code team GM and our personal debate as to the tools of this "young" man. Doug never waived in his projection for Dustin.

When I watch Dustin play, I will always think of Doug and his confidence in Dustin.

I am pretty sure Dougs sons Dale and Brent attended Ponderosa HS. before my son. Dale was a pitching coach there and he knew my son as a freshmen before he moved.. Yesterday Ponderosa won their first ever section title. Maybe Doug was watching over us.
When son was going through the draft process in HS Doug was so very helpful and listened and gave great advice, as a scout and as a parent. It was very much appreciated.
Doug always impressed me when he would take the time to post here and not once did he ever act like he was too good to do that. What a great person in addition to being a great scout!

He deserves the highest praise you can give a baseball person... Doug McMillan was good for the game of baseball.
Yes this was Doug McMillian, His sons went to Ponderosa, I just was talking to my sons highschool coach and we were just blown away that we won at this time of year. It was special but this made it more special. There was an angel carrying that ball over the fence.I heard both the boys were touched by the win.Life works in such strange, sad and wondeful ways.
Originally posted by fanofgame:
I am pretty sure Dougs sons Dale and Brent attended Ponderosa HS. before my son. Dale was a pitching coach there and he knew my son as a freshmen before he moved.. Yesterday Ponderosa won their first ever section title. Maybe Doug was watching over us.

I just so happened to be at the game, and I was on the phone with my brother when it happened. An emotional moment for us because we both attended Poderosa and we still have ties there, especially to the coaches. I'm sure my Dad was smiling, and maybe he had something to do with that pitcher throwing an 0-2 fastball down the middleSmile

-Brett McMillan
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I haven't been to this site in a very long sad that this is one of the first threads I read. I remember bbscout and I'm so sorry for your loss.

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