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We had the misfortune of having my son royally sprain an ankle in a tournament on the eve of a camp at a school he was very interested in; he checked in and went straight to the trainer for more ice. Not good. The school was wonderful about it but his chance to make an impression vaporized as he couldn't even run for two days and forget throwing off of a a mound.

Yesterday I saw a young man pitch in a tryout for a team, with plans to immediately after head south for a showcase that begins today. A good looking pitcher, but in his second inning, the hitters got on a roll (every pitcher's dad has seen this one) and he threw 45-50 pitches; no way is he ready to showcase today.

Moral of these stories: be careful of your son's schedule shortly before important events, and give your son the best chance physically to impress. You really do only get one chance to make a first impression.
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Great point

We see it all too often--a kid has a poor event and then Daddy says "well you know he is hurt" or "well you know he pitched 9 innings last night".

DUH !!!!!!!!!!

Much rather have a kid tell me "Coach my hammie is tight, do you mind if I dont run the 60?" then have him fake it and do poorly and possibly damage it more. We can always explain to the scouts and recruiters why the boy did not run
Interesting post. My son is Junior and is headed to 2 camps/showcases next week. His HS season wore him out more than we thought it would. The HS team had some gritty post-season play and we lost the back-up catcher mid-season. He also had quite a heavy academic load at a new school. He took a few days off for finals study and rest, but then pulled his back badly last week when he started working out again. Yesterday was his first day back throwing/swinging, but he is still stiff/sore. Today, he looked pretty good, but we're not sure the endurance is there full-speed, all-day workouts/games.

I hate to write off the money we spent for these camps/showcases, but I don't want my son to get hurt worse (he won't back off when he's playing) or set him up for a bad performance.

There are plenty of good showcases the rest of the summer. We picked these opportunities early, thinking he'd be in good playing shape coming off the HS season... not thinking he'd be in recovery mode.

For now, we're thinking of taking it one step at a time: Workout each day and re-assess... right up until travel day (Monday). If all is OK at that point, we'll go to the first camp and then re-assess again before the next camp. At least that's our thinking right now.
Yes, scheduling is critical and especially for pitchers. It does you no good to go to a showcase or camp without your best stuff as you are there to audition and those watching will evaluated based on what they see, not on reputation. If you do decide to not attend a scheduled showcase or camp be sure to contact the coaches or organizers in advance! A "no show" can hurt your chances as a future prospect!

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