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Wanted to share this information with all of you. We had an absolutely horrible experience dealing with this league. My player arrived a few days late because of a commitment to his school and found that he would be staying with a total of seven people in a one-bedroom condo, even though the website says players are guaranteed a two-bedroom condo at the very least. The condo was so stuffed that players were sleeping on the floor in the kitchen next to the refrigerator. My player was forced to keep all of his belongings in his car in the SC heat because there was simply no room to put anything anywhere in this overbooked condo. Constant complaints to management finally led to him moving to a better condo six days later, but 30 minutes away from the field - even though the BCBL website says all housing is 5-10 minutes from fields. Then, about 12 days before the conclusion of the league, my player was abruptly told he needed to move out of this second condo or the police would come and haul him away. The condo had been rented to someone else. My player was told he would have to temporarily move to a motel in North Myrtle Beach that other players told him was unsafe, that the doors to the rooms would not even lock. My player by then was completely fed up, fearing he would be essentially homeless for the rest of the month, so he drove home and left for good.

If you have read this far, you must know the person we had dealt with was Sean Lomas, the BCBL commissioner. He is extremely unprofessional and smug about how he treats people. We paid $1750 for my player to compete in a summer league and feel like we were ripped off. It's a shame because my player enjoyed his BCBL team's coach and fellow players. All he wanted was an adequate place to stay.

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This isn't a knock on the original poster, this is a serious question because I've never completely understood the need for 90% of summer ball. I'm hoping somebody who knows more than me can answer.

If you're not a draft prospect and you're just looking to get reps, why not play in a local league where you're not paying an arm and a leg to live somewhere? What is the point of being shipped out across the country away from friends and family to play a full college seasons worth of games in less than two months? I don't understand the benefit.

If you aren’t a draft prospect and you haven’t yet earned meaningful playing time at your school there is a big benefit. A good college summer league can offer game reps against really good competition.  If you didn’t play very much during your schools spring season, and you go off and have a great summer it can really change things for you the next fall. The reverse is also true. If you played all spring, and you aren’t a draft prospect, there is no need (or reason) to play any summer ball. Stay home, rest, work, and workout.

Adbono and PA:

To gain the maximum from the Summer League, the team should be stronger than your College team and provide you with the opportunity to learn of your ability to compete in the game of life and baseball.

There should be NO cost, except travel from home. If you record your experiences, you have info for several term papers for your College degree.

Remember that there are pro scouts watching the strong leagues.


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