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Hi folks -- We're based in Toronto (so not in the HS baseball mainstream), and my son is a catcher in his junior year who is aspiring to play U.S. college baseball. We'd like to attend one or two showcases this summer, and are just wondering if any of you could recommend what our best choice(s) might be. My son would like to study sports management, and we're targeting a variety of D1, D2, D3 and NAIA schools. What showcase would give us the best bang for the buck? Thanks very much for your help!

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You don’t target every college program there is. You need to have an idea where he potentially fits in. Otherwise you will waste thousands of dollars on the wrong showcases. You don't just throw spaghetti off the wall to see what sticks.

He needs to sit down with a baseball knowledgeable person who knows his game. They need to determine what level of college ball he might be able to play. Then you pick conferences at that level. Then you determine which schools in the conferences would also fit academically, geographically, socially, culturally and affordability. Then you build a business plan.

What is his pop time? Sixty time? Throwing velocity? Bat speed? Exit velocity?

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John S,

RJM is spot on. 

Your son starts by creating a vetted list of colleges that are a fit for him.  Vetted academically and athletically by him, you, his coaches, his guidance counselor, scouts, other third parties, etc. 

Once that list is compiled, he reaches out to the baseball coaches and the admissions reps of the schools on his list.  Engaging the baseball coaches is always important.  Engaging the Admissions reps and expressing interest is particularly important at D3 and at schools where the coaches may have less pull.

From a baseball perspective, he'll need to be seen by the coaches on his list.  That's typically at college camps and showcases.  For some kids it's also at travel team tournaments. 

He goes to the showcases and camps where the schools on his vetted list will be this Summer.  For many rising Seniors, this is the Summer that they must be seen.

Good luck!

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