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They look so bad, just a few weeks ago they were bunkered down praying to survive this apocalyptic plague and now since they are left alone, being shown for the cowards they are, cant afford to lose the money they have sold their souls for are going to retreat and create some halfass product that starts a least 6 weeks later then it should all while continuing to lockdown the common students like Nazi Germany!!

Not hard to believe why academia is hated so much - they are really are incompetent. 

Actually, if you read their initial statement in its entirety it was a postponement and not a cancellation. They said that they would continually evaluate the decision. There is a lot more information now about the MLB, NBA and WNBA (what worked and what didn't) then there was when they made the initial decision. No doubt that other conferences standing their ground and lost revenues pushed the decision as well but to say that academia is hated and incompetent is a gross overstatement and exactly what is wrong with the country right now. Just because you don't agree with someone doesn't make them an idiot. You may hate them and think they are incompetent but as the parent of a Big 10 athlete I am glad that they are taking it seriously. I am also happy that the kids are having a season. It's possible to have both sentiments at the same time. 

Initial Statement:


Interesting decision.   They are going to be criticized either way for whatever decision they made simply because of the way they handled it...which was terrible.    After a week, nobody cared and stopped paying attention to them.   Leadership seems to be lacking as they straddled the fence for way too long.   But, when you are in "business" with 14 large Universities  (yes the Big 10 is 14 schools.....don't ask me!) coming to a concensus among self-important and highly paid Presidents and ADs resembles our wonderful quick and nimble Federal govt.  Bottom line is they can't win in public opinion polls, so they are just going to cash the check at the end of the season.



@Smitty28 posted:

And then there's the PAC-12...

USC football players asked Newsom yesterday to ease restriction in California so that Pac 12 could try to have a season. They stated "as California goes, so too does the Pac 12".  Going to be interesting as Newsom is getting more pressure from various industries to loosen restrictions in California. 

There is an article on ESPN today about athletes leaving California to play their sports seasons in other states. The article focused on senior high school football players and big time recruits. I have seen this first hand in Texas with some baseball players already. Ran into a kid from near my home town in California at a local tournament.  He said his parents moved out here recently so he could play his senior year.

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Going to be interesting, especially given LSU coach's remarks, when a player gets seriously ill or dies (whether in the short term or down the road a ways from complications).  If everyone's playing, it's going to happen eventually.

Will have go see what I can find about NU (my alma mater) players' reactions have been.  Do they try to unionize again if things go sideways?

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