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All thoughts appreciated on this topic. I searched both Blast and Diamond for info on both here. It appeared as if some used it and liked it over the last couple years here. I am hoping for more current info and feedback from those of you that have information.

1. Is anyone doing specific training (in person or remote) with either of these during quarantine times? How are they using it and is it a tool worth using? 

2. Are metrics from these being used in recruiting or is it just noise from PG (diamond kinetics) and PBR (blast motion)? I have heard in conversations with a limited number of coaches and also on podcasts about them using some of these products in offseason training. I am also on a driveline email list that has articles and video discussing Blast and K-vest and all sorts of other tools. 

3. I see that Blast has a sale right now on sensors for $75 and Diamond has  their sensor for $89. What are the ongoing costs that people are paying and are they worthwhile? 

Thank you HSBB members! This is a great place!

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I would say all of these are viable and should be utilized for video.  From what I can tell coaches don't seem dismissive of the results, particularly if you can show consistency.  We've used Pocket Radar primarily, but also Diamond Kinetics and Blast. All relatively inexpensive options and for the most part accurate. 

As far as the products - useful 

As far as the products being used on the recruiting trail - noise 

We talk a lot about recruiting on here and we break it down like it's science but the truth is that coaches either like what they see or they don't. Especially when it comes to position players. They either have a good swing and hit good pitching or they have no chance. 

If you want to use it to improve as a player then go ahead. If you want to use your attack angle and exit velo to make coaches interested I'd save the money. 

FWIW - I didn't think the DK ball was very good. 

update...used our Blast a little this past summer and now getting ready to train with it this fall/winter/spring. Going to try to dig deeper this time thru. Anyone now using this and having success with it from a training perspective?

Son had a private lesson with @FullerHitting last week (while visiting his sister in a who is in a hockey bubble at her college about an hour away in Massachusetts) and he reignited son's and my interest in Blast metrics. He uses it and now going to try to do work on some things learned at lesson.

Thank you in advance.


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