just got one of these on Black Friday . And we are loving it . My son was never big on numbers but since we see all of  baseball stepping into the   World of analytics.  We gave it a shot .. son says it pushed him to work harder to reach his goal .

Loving this @Blast_Bsbl @blastmotion this is right handed/Left handed outside @ teework

Son is a 2019 



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We've had one for a while and we love it as well.  My 2019 son doesn't enjoy it as much as I do, but he does like to hear the immediate feedback on a metric he's focusing on while doing tee or cage work.  He hasn't yet let me coerce him into using it an a game.  To me, that's the holy grail to compare in-game metrics with cage/tee work.

I find the auto editing of the videos extremely handy.

If you've got a kid that is motivated and somewhat analytical, I think it can be a great tool.  Their customer support is top notch as well.

I just bought a golf blast sensor for myself. 

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