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The American Legion National Office has important information regarding the American Legion World Series contract for Shelby and Cleveland County. A press conference is scheduled for Wednesday, October 17, at 12:30 PM at the LeGrand Center (1800 E. Marion Street, on the campus of Cleveland Community College) in Shelby, NC.

Executive Committee members should arrive by 12:15 PM. The press conference will begin promptly at 12:30 PM. All volunteers are welcome to attend! Please share this invitation with family and friends!

The American Legion World Series Press Conference
Wednesday, October 17
12:30 PM
LeGrand Center
Shelby, NC

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Originally posted by Bear:
I always got a hoot w/r to watching the 15 yr old play vs the 18 y/o in American Legion.

When AL went to 19 y/o eligibility, it became a numbers challenge to those limited rosters, and thus the 15 y/o had to go else where to play summer ball.

Don't think for one minute that adding the 19 y/o improved American Legion talent in contrast to your thinking.

And I am remembering those very special 15 y/o. Those that went on to D1 colleges or directly to the pros. And after finishing their careers, are in their community supporting the youth leagues and raising families of their own.

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