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Due to the upcoming Christmas holiday, we will not be hosting a show this Sunday evening. Dan and I made the "executive" decision that it'd be best to have everyone spend time with their families on the festive day rather than join us on the radio show.

Just a quick FYI for those following along, the show has been progressing at an extremely fast rate and we have been working very diligently at getting some high profile guests for the near future. We have been analyzing the results of the past shows and have gotten a decent gauge of what our listeners want to hear based on the popularity of our past guests. As we continue to progress with the broadcasts, or networking connections become more vast, and thus we are able to reach out to more potential guests. In the next few weeks we will have several interviews lined up that I think will be very exciting for those following along.

To leave a little hint: we've been in contact with a few people who have some Cy Young Awards, MVPs, Silver Sluggers and World Series rings in their trophy rooms.

Hope the holiday season is treating everyone wonderfully!
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Exciting times Josh. We hopefully have some really big names coming on the show in January and thanks in part to Josh and some of our esteemed past guests for helping us like Coach Bill Hutton and Steve Springer.

We are building our program one listener at a time. Each time we get a guest, it leads to more guest opportunities and I believe our guests are enjoying being on the show. There are not many baseball-only shows out there and we have a good one that is starting to grow imho.
Mary- Thanks for the praise. It is certainly not for the money, but we really do get enjoyment out of having the guests on the show. Each week brings about new discussion and new topics, and I think I'm speaking for both Dan and I when I say that we've learned so much from our experiences with our guests.

I will certainly PM you after the holidays, thanks again.
Originally posted by BaseballmomandCEP:
JH and CD ---- Thanks for all the great shows! I know this is a labor of live, you aren't doing it for the great pay!!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to you and yours.

PS, I have a suggestion for a speaker if you want to PM me after the holidays.

BaseballmomandCEP - your kind wishes mean a lot to us! We are willing to build this thing one listener at a time and if you are one of them we are thrilled! Smile
Hey everyone,

Just wanted to give a quick update here for those following along. Dan and I have collaborated a bit and are working on getting a few new guests to come onto the show in hopes that we can possibly kick something off once again. We've taken into account all of the above suggestions and so far have one definite commitment from a very formidable source...someone who is considered at the top of the field as an expert on the MLB Draft and minor league prospects. We just have to work out logistics with this individual and then will post all information here.

If anyone has any suggestions or connections with specific guests, we'd be more than happy to accommodate and reach out to those individuals. Our original intention was to provide our listeners with a very broad range of guests to get the best possible information available, and to be quite frank it grew difficult to be diverse in our guests. However, we would no doubt be incredibly receptive to anyone and everyone that we can get on the show!

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