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I have twins, and one son has been invited to tour a school and have a workout. My question is my other son wants to tag along for the tour and I know in the back of his mind get an opportunity to work out also. They would love to go to school together, my question is it bad to let the other son tag along for the tour?

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I don't think the coach would have a problem with the brother working and and walking around, but you have to be able to read the room. Has your son been on other visits - you could probably have them both work out and then tell them you're going to grab something to eat down the street and ask if they want anything. Let the coach and your son have some one on one time. Must be able to take a hint, or definitely let the second son know in advance that they're likely recruiting his brother and he needs to give them space. 

I probably wouldn't bring him. If he's of recruiting age he needs to understand that sometimes it isn't the right time or place. Worst case scenario you bring both, have son 2 leave his baseball gear in the car and have him go in with the expectation that he will be watching. If they ask for him to join then he joins if not he gets a behind the scenes campus tour. When you get there introduce him and say he wanted to tag along and check out the school - he plays ball too. Most coaches are good dudes and will extend an invite. It's only one extra kid not a huge issue. 

I’d bring mom as well. Your family will ultimately make the decision if an offer is presented.

It’s good for ALL to see the campus and ask questions. The college choice is your choice. You are interviewing them as much as they are interviewing the player.

Twins have a unique relationship and I would think the coach will understand that he needs to impress the family, and his best advocate may be the twin.

Let the coach dictate the on field activity. It’ll be what it’ll be.

Remember that only one son is the recruit and it’s his time to shine.



Thanks everyone for the input. I was thinking along the same lines of the whole family going to visit and he could just hang back and see what happens. This coach has seen them play a few times when he was scouting other players. The difference is the son that was not invited has put on about 20 lbs of muscle since the coach has last seen him so that could make a big difference. Even if he doesn't get the opportunity he is still excited for his brother. Anytime there has been an invite to visit or workout it has been for both of them so this is a first.

Just know it can be awkward.  My son took his best friend with him to a camp he was invited to because the other kid wanted to go to the school.  At the end of the camp, my son was invited to tour the facility and do some extra things.  My wife had to explain that the other kid was with them.   He went on the tour and hung out as mine did the extra stuff.  Wife said it was really awkward for the other kid.  It was a little different because it was a spur of the moment but also understand the coach may not invite the other twin to work out and may just talk to the one he is recruiting.  I would have him bring his stuff but make sure he knows that there is no guarantee.  Good luck.

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Just havin' some fun with this... so, what happens if the son not invited is allowed to participate in workouts, outshines the invited son and is ultimately the only one the school pursues?  

I heard them discussing this exact thing happening. Their outlook on it is, what happens, happens. 

I just can't wait to see them on the field again this weekend, for the first time since the 1 high school game this year, to see how all this down time has impacted them. 

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Please let us know how it turns out!

Update. Both boys went, they walked in and introduced themselves and the coach said to the one that was not invited, your a year younger right? They no we are twins, his eyes lit up and and said we you tricked me there. He told them both to fill out the forms and lets go see what you have. Both did really good. Coach seemed to talk to them more than the others and they spent about 20 minutes with just him while everyone was still at lunch. Now to wait a week or two to see if anything comes of it. Appreciate all the feedback and help through the process.

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